Sasha Obama Untold Stories and biography

Name: Sasha Obama
Born: 10 June 2001 (age 18 years), Chicago, Illinois, United States
Full name: Natasha Obama
Education: Sidwell Friends School (2009–2019), University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
Grandparents: Ann Dunham, Marian Shields Robinson, Barack Obama Sr., Fraser C. Robinson III
Parents: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama
Siblings: Malia Ann Obama

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Who is Sasha Obama?

Usually, fairy-tales such as living as a princess in some exotic castle end up as fictions of your childhood imaginations. But in the case of Sasha Obama, she did actually live out a modern day fairy tale. The White House is not just your regular house, its a piece of real estate that many wish to have the privilege of visiting. Sasha lived there until recently.

Sasha Obama is the Daughter of the 44th President of the United States of America, her parents are Barrack Hussien Obama Ex-President of the United States of America and former First Lady . Her older sister is Malia. Natasha Obama was born on the 10th of June 2001 and is the younger of the Obama daughters.

Sasha Obama
Sasha Obama Untold Stories and biography

Natasha was born at the University of Chicago Medical Centre in Chicago Illinois and in 2005 her father was elected US Senator and in 2009, he was sworn in as the 44th President of the US. She attended the Private University of Chicago Laboratory School until they moved to DC and then she attended the Sid Well Friends School Washington DC.

The Obama family has an impressive mansion in the suburbs of Washington DC, which has an estimated cost of around $8.1million. The mansion bought in 2014 has an impressive 8200 sq. ft. and has 9 bedrooms in it. Sasha Obama has a lot of major interests which include tennis, tap dancing, gymnastics’ and playing the piano.

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From the time she was first presented to the public, Sasha Obama has been the perfect ‘American sweetheart’ in the media due to her innocent and down to earth personality. She is known as an exceptionally popular role model among youths. She maintains a strong presence on social media, most notably with over 92.4 million followers on Instagram. She is considered as one of the most famous teenagers alive.

Sasha Obama Untold Stories and biography

It is reported that in 2009, Obama joined a girl group named school Gyrls, Also part of the girl group is her sister Malia, and her three god sisters Kyra, Kara and Kayla Parker. The group have a few successful commercial recordings.

Sasha Obama’s Net Worth, Car

Natasha Obama has a pretty sum attached to her name when we consider her net worth. At the tender age of 16, the youngest daughter of America’s first black President has an impressive $450,000 as her estimated net worth which you will have to say is pretty impressive for an individual who isn’t legally qualified to vote yet.

She drives a 2005 Chrysler 300 and on her 16th birthday party she received a brand new car although she was not permitted to drive it without an adult present until she clocks 17 which is in accordance with the Washington law which requires that teens under 17 don’t drive a car without the presence of adult supervision. A rumor did emerge recently allegedly claiming that Sasha Obama was involved in a car crash which was soon proven to be false. It was also reported that she crashed a Bugatti Veyron. But it is important to note that Sasha Obama drives a BMW

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Sasha Obama’s Boyfriend, Height

Sasha attended a Lollapalooza Musical concert with her sister Malia, but news soon spread that she was spotted kissing a mysterious guy allegedly named Matt at the concert. It was reported that the concert soon turned into a romantic make-out session.

Sasha Obama slayed in a black, fitted dress with a high-slit and took photos with her mom, Michelle Obama, and sister Malia Obama before prom

The news went viral after an eyewitness shared the images on snap chat with the caption “Matt got Sasha” but it was later confirmed that she wasn’t dating this guy. Though she has been linked with numerous guys over time, she has never confirmed anyone to be her boyfriend.

In the summer of 2015, it was reported that she had a boyfriend but the identity of the said boy was kept hidden.

No one knows who has the heart of the beautiful Sasha, but we know that soon enough it will no longer be such a big secret.

Sometimes the secret of good looks can be ascribed to good genes. Sasha Obama is lucky to have inherited good genes from her parents. The Former President and First Lady boast an impressive height and physique. It is no surprise that Sasha stands at about 176cm tall and has a weight mass of over 60kg.

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