Best Streetwear Brands In 2023

Streetwear was born in the 80s and was worn by both skaters and the hip-hop community. With its versatility, it has recently become extremely popular with everyone. Streetwear is constantly evolving, and when the pandemic ended, it resulted in many wanting more loose fittings and a comfier day-to-day outfit. Streetwear doesn’t really exist anymore with the term becoming more diluted over the past couple of years. It was once favoured by a select few communities made from small independent brands in their own unique way, but now in 2023, it has joined the giant fashion machine of fast fashion as well as couture fashion houses. This has resulted in a number of streetwear items being combined with luxury brands including T-shirts, hoodies, sneakers and much more. In this article, we will go through some of the best streetwear brands that are paving the way for other brands to follow, whether you want a fashion bargain or a luxury piece!


This list couldn’t not have one of the most influential streetwear brands in the world on it. This brand changed the industry in a matter of years. With Virgil Abloh being the backbone of this brand, it is easy to see how this man transformed luxury street fashion. It’s crazy to think of such a popular brand that it was only being created in 2012, but with its distinctive designs and logos, you couldn’t really miss it. With collaborations with Nike and Jordan, it has created some of the most influential sneakers around as well as homeware collaborations with IKEA. This brand is only going to get bigger, and it is definitely worth investing in. 

Aime Leon Dore

Aime Leon Dore is a Ney York-based streetwear brand that is rising through the ranks. The style is unique and has a combination of the preppy aesthetic and tailoring from British designs. All this combined with a streetwear look ensures the brand is suited for a wealth of audiences including those who prefer the 90s styles of washed denim, colourful garments and sorting references. This brand is drawing huge following and avid followers are first in line at their flagship store, or continuously refreshing their browsers to get the latest drops. This brand is also collaborating with some of the world’s biggest luxury brands from LVMH to bring a more affluent audience.  


Kith is a brand by clothing and trainer designer Ronnie Fieg and was created in 2010. This brand is blurring the lines in fashion and retail as it brings a wealth of concept and traditional retailer vibes but also has an extensive line of highly sought-after collaborations with other top brands. The latest is with Clark’s shoes which are easily accessible, for now. Kith’s garments are extremely versatile and can be worn with a range of styles, and comes with a line of footwear and accessories. It is definitely a popular brand, and one of the best brands to invest in this season.  


Carhartt was once used by factory workers and labourers in 1889, but in recent years it has been adopted by streetwear fanatics across the globe. With its utilitarian fabrics, it encouraged skaters in the 90s and is now part of the streetwear culture in 2023. Carhartt has been a streetwear staple for its comfort and versatility for a number of years now and more people than ever are embracing comfort. The clever part about this brand is that has two styles. The first is the workwear aesthetic which is adopted highly from American culture, whereas the second side of the business is tailored to European and British culture. Offering more sleek designs and streamlined silhouettes, there is definitely a piece for all wearers. 

The New Blue Collar

The New Blue Collar combines everyday workwear, but with a street aesthetic. It is a new and upcoming brand and is definitely worth looking into in 2023. It is striving to resonate with the culture of today’s society and bring the work-from-home culture to the streets. The brand has been founded by Alex Ewings and Felix Llanos who focus on creating functional pieces that are clean and elevated which is inspired by varsity collections. They also aim for pieces to be wearable in the office or out so that no changes between occasions are needed. 


Stussy is one of the OGs when it comes to streetwear brands. Born in the 80s, this brand was a simple small graphic tee brand that hit the world by storm. The brand had generated a lot of hype with its designs and began to include items for a whole range of audiences including the surf and skating community. Although the California brand has had waves of popularity through increased interest in slightly stale designs, now with new cuts and silhouettes the brand is back. The brand has now been around for 40 years and is more popular than ever.  


Palace looks pretty vintage, but you may be surprised that it is only a decade old. This rapidly popular brand has come from the mind of Levi Tanju and is one of the most hyped brands in the world in 2023. The brand was first created as a skate-focused brand with its team of pro skaters and has a small production line, but as soon as it started creating small batches that were limited, the brand exploded into the brand it is now with collaborations with some of the largest brands and celebrities including Jay Z, Travis Scott, Adidas and Reebok. This is definitely a streetwear essential brand to consider in 2023. 


The fashion industry certainly had to change after the pandemic, with more people than ever wanting comfort and the need for formal workwear dying out, it was up to designers to rethink their strategy. Fast fashion is a growing issue and it’s just not going to stop, so for many brands, it’s about targeting the right people who prefer their products to last with great craftsmanship, like Carhartt and the pandemic bay of these types of brands Yony. Yony was born during the pandemic and has done extremely well in gaining a loyal audience. They strive for sustainability and source all of their materials from the USA and resemble the styles of the 50s which is another growing trend. 

Gods Gift

Gods Gift was created in 2022 and is paving the way for modern luxury streetwear aesthetics. With streamlined designs and oversized fits, it has certainly got the attention of many. They offer a range of garments including joggers, luxury hoodie, overshirts, trousers and now have their own footwear collection to combine street and smart. The materials are premium and offer a range of sustainable options for the eco-conscious. This is certainly an exciting brand to be watching out for in 2023.

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