Panorama Photography – An Effective Way To Enhance Your Photos

Are you amused with natural scenic beauty and tend to capture it through your camera? A proper planning can result in producing a flawless panorama picture. Getting a perfect panorama picture is more complex as compared to the usual shots. Panorama pictures do not require just one click, you have to take a few shots and then stitch the picture to give a wide view. It is therefore important that the pictures are taken in a way that they can be stitched together without many flaws. Identify an ending and starting point, like tree, hill, etc. and take pictures accordingly.

Panorama Photography - An Effective Way To Enhance Your Photos

The following article will help you hone your skills in developing flawless and beautiful panorama pictures:

How To Stitch Your Panorama Pictures

Stitching is the main art of all panorama pictures. There are a number of software available online that can be downloaded free of cost. Many of these panorama software can do this job perfectly and in no time. All you need to do is give an input of the pictures that need to be stitched together.

 Before downloading any such software, make sure that it is compatible with your system and the output can be run on any system as well. The most commonly used and the most recommended software for this purpose is TotalMedia Theatre by ArcSoft, which is not only economical, but feature rich and compatible with almost all the available video formats in the world as well. It is easily available and is compatible in terms of both input and output. The quality of output is also just amazing.

While stitching the pictures together, software usually blends the edges of the pictures to give a one continuous look to your panorama output. Although the software can smudge the pictures automatically, it is advisable that this job is done manually using the tools available in the software. Most of the times when you let software to automatically smudge the edges, they cut a big part of the edge in the process. Smudging manually will protect your picture from such chopping off.

Take Multiple Shots

Panorama pictures allow you to capture wide shots. The trick is to take a number of pictures and then stitch them together. It is advised to take multiple vertical shots to allow clear and zoomed scene instead of taking two horizontal shots. The purpose is not only to cover the entire scene but also to cover it in a way that the resolution is perfect and the pictures are zoomed enough to show complete details.  Once you have a handsome number of shots, you can stitch them in a sequence and enjoy a wide screen panorama picture.

Use Different Tools

When it comes to panorama pictures, editing options are endless… you can blend a number of pictures to create one of your choices. Do you want to capture 10 different moments of your child in just one shot? Play some editing tricks on it and you can easily do it. You can mix a number of images with same or even different background to get something that will save your memories in a perfect manner.

Let us save our memories from being scattered, stick them together by using ArcSoft Panorama Maker!! 

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Eva Morris is a avid photographer and a photoblogger. She often uses panaroma software by Arcsoft to create panaromic photographs.