Top 5 Sources For Keyword Research – Digging The Gold Mine In Keyword SEO

Keyword research plays a crucial role in a search engine optimization strategy. The competition in ranking high in search has become a very tedious process and with the advent of Penguin and Panda updates, webmasters need to strive harder in their SEO efforts to rank high in search. However, keyword research remains to be an important aspect of any search engine optimization process that is why it is essential to know how to do a keyword research well.

What is the use of your own site when nobody actually visits it? The essential value of a keyword is using it as a means of optimizing your website for search. If you are a newbie in this field, you will need the help of keyword research tool in order to make it easier for you to find the best and most appropriate for your niche. Here are some of the top 5 sources of keyword research tools that can help you get a good start in optimizing your website using keywords for SEO.

Top 5 Sources for Keyword Research

1. The Wordtracker

 This is actually a starter tool for SEO marketers. It is a paid keyword research tool that allows you to try the program with a 7 day trial. SEO marketers usually invest in a tool such as this in order to jumpstart their online marketing campaign by using the most useful keywords that will help them increase their site’s visibility. The tool will help you dig the most profitable keywords that you can use on your site based on the targeted keywords  like netspysoftware according to your market niche. The suggested keywords are those that are based on the actual searches made by real people on the web and you will no longer be doing guess works on what keywords to use on your site anymore.

2. Keyword Discovery

This is an advanced paid keyword research tool that helps you find the best target keyword to use on your site based on your target market. It can reveal the keyword searches made by people online when looking for products and services that you can use to drive traffic to your website. Users will be able to optimize their website content using the proper meta tags which in return will maximize their pay per click campaign results. The tool can also run a spelling mistake research as well as seasonal trend search.

3. Google Keyword Tool

This is a comprehensive free keyword research tool that most SEO experts use. You will get a more reliable keyword search results because it is based on the searches made from Google which is the most popular search engine on the web today. Just type a word or phrase that will be relevant to your niche and the tool will provide you numerous options based on the local and global search results. Google Keyword Tool will also provide you a competitive result which is very useful in determining how many competitors you will expect to have when you choose a particular keyword from the suggested ones.

4. Ubersuggest Tool

This is a free handy tool that you can use for your keyword research. If you don’t want to limit your search for keywords from a single search engine, then this tool is for you. It pulls out different keyword search results from different search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google as among many others. It can also discover good keywords to use for news, videos, eCommerce sites and even the social media.

5. Spyfu

This is both a free and paid keyword search tool that is very useful in many ways. The free version is capable of sizing up your Adword budget, checking your traffic data, evaluate your SEO efforts and provides the top 10 keyword search results. The paid version on the other hand will give you more options to use for your keyword research adventure. You can export unlimited lists of suggested keywords that you can use for your SEO and it comes with a navigational dashboard for easy access of all other features.

While these keyword research tools are very helpful, do not limit your SEO efforts by using keywords only in order to optimize your website for search. You will become more productive once you are able to adapt other forms of SEO strategies alongside with a good keyword research process. Proper keyword research however can help you dig the gold mine that could make your SEO efforts highly productive.