Apple Pay Capabilities and How to Integrate It Using Stripe for Your Shopping App?


Apple gateway functions the same way as PayPal. It may get integrated to allow customers buy any items, pay to enjoy the new slot sites, and more within their app. The only difference between Apple gateway and PayPal is, the later permits paying with no credit or debit card while Apple gateway asks people to connect their card.

More information about Apple gateway functions and how it gets integrated using Stripe

The shopping solution for Apple is non-conflicting with the readers supporting:

  • ExpressPay
  • American Express Contactless
  • Visa PayWave
  • Mastercard Contactless

However, unlike Samsung gateway, Apple Pay does not function at mobile places which possess magnetic stripe readers alone.

Its convenience:

Checking out through Apple gateway in online shopping or other services requires adding a credit card via the Wallet app. It is not a must to give the number of Apple Card or the expiration date in the wallet, these details can be read using the iPhone camera.

To pay the money within the application through Apple gateway or any digital wallets, you only need to select Apple gateway for mobile transactions in the transaction methods. Next, select the credit card, and through Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode, the process gets confirmed.

If you are paying for the 1st time, you may be asked to give the billing address, a destination address, contact details, and more information.

Apple Pay Capabilities and How to Integrate It Using Stripe for Your Shopping App?

The offer charges:

The owners of the shopping app and banks are charged by Apple Pay for using its offers. Those who own the app pay 0.15% for every transaction done. Bank payments differ depending on the nation. For example, banks in Australia pay three percent for every fifty dollars.


Apple gateway allocates a gadget digit to iOS devices, iPad, iPhone, and others. Each digit allocated is unique, and it is saved in a format that is encrypted at the gadget’s Safe Element chip.

During payment activity, Apple gateway does not transfer banking card details to sellers. What it transfers instead is the dynamic security code. By doing so, the information on the credit card will never be gotten from Apple gadget customers. Also, in case you have lost a gadget, ensure to use the Find My app to make Apple gateway inactive.

And because Apple gateway keeps a safe payment token on devices, the app won’t require data connection to be able to use it. What this means is that users may give payments without having an iPhone or live at the place that Apple supports. Outside Canada and America, this service is offered to many nations. Customers may find it in places like:

  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific


To incorporate Apple gateway in a secure App, follow the steps below:

  • Create the Apple account

Setting up Apple gateway needs the developer account that is verified. Users are allowed to sign in as a company or individual.

Signing in as a company requires people to give the following:

  • D-U-N-S digit
  • Site location
  • Legal authority
  • Legal entity status
  1. Get a Merchant ID

Creating one is not hard. People only have to click the + sign and provide their names. After this, click on proceed to sign up.

2. Project creation

Creating the project requires people to open it in their target, and modify the Bundle Identifier to the one they have formed already. After this, go to the Capabilities tab, select the Apple Pay section, and turn ON the switch.

Next, click the checkbox, which corresponds to the created Merchant ID. Apple Pay will now be ready for use.

3. Pay with Apple button implementation

The structure of this button must adhere to Apple’s requirements. Resources for creating the button can be downloaded at the Apple main site. You can even introduce the payment feature in your site if you need it.

Using Stripe for payments

Apple payment system never completes any transaction. What it does is authorize the payment and form tokens that enable the processing of transactions. Making a transaction requires using Stripe integrations or other services that implement in-app transactions. Setting up is very simple and enables users to perform a test transaction within the app.

Once you have the Stripe account, you are supposed to generate a certificate through the CSR (Certificate Signing Request). This activity will make Stripe to process transactions.

Doing that requires going to the Apple Pay region and click on adding a new app. This will download the cert signing in the request file.

Getting the API keys

Here users are supposed to go to Stripe account then click on:

  1. Member center
  2. Identifiers and profiles
  3. Identifier
  4. Merchant ID- choose the ID and click on edit. Next, go to
  5. Generate certificate
  6. Proceed
  7. Select file
  8. Select cert signing request gotten from Stripe
  9. Click on create
  10. Download the file


We hope you already learned what Apple gateway does and that you will now be able to incorporate it with Stripe for the shopping application that you have. It is a payment gateway for mobile apps, which is very crucial when selling items. If the payment process is not convenient or the page takes so much time when loading, your customers might leave without making a purchase. Integrating it into your iOS app will make shopping faster for your clients. Please write to us if you wish to contribute to our topic.