Madelaine Petsch Childhood Biography, life Story & Net worth

Full Biography of Madelaine Petsch

Date Of Birth 18 August 1994
Age 23 years 11 months 26 days
Day of Birth Thursday
Place Of Birth Port Orchard, Washington, United States
Zodiac Sign Leo
Professions Dancer , Singer , Model , Actress
Full Name Madelaine Grobbelaar Petsch (Middle name is same as mother’s maiden name)
Other Name Penny Laine
Net worth $100,000


Who is Madelaine Petsch? 

Madelaine Petsch is an American TV & movie actress. Madelaine Petsch plays the popular role of Cheryl Blossom in the Crime Drama series Riverdale.

Madelaine Petsch was born on 18th August 1994 in Port Orchard, Washington, United States to Michele Petsch(Mother) & Timothy Petsch(Father).

Madelaine Petsch Childhood Biography, life Story & Net worth

Madelaine Petsch: Childhood Biography

Mendes was born in Charlottesville, Virginia, to Brazilian parents, Gisele and Victor Mendes. Her mother is from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, while her father is from Brasília, Federal District. She has one older sister. Mendes moved 16 times growing up but spent most of her childhood in Florida, where she attended American Heritage School, in Plantation. At the age of 10, she lived in Brazil for a year. In May 2016, Mendes graduated from New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

Madelaine Petsch Childhood Biography, life Story & Net worth
Madelaine Petsch childhood pic

Madelaine Petsch : Career

Her first acting job was in a commercial for IKEA.

n 2014, Madelaine Petsch starred in the national advertising campaign for Coca-Cola Company: the famous brand just made package rebranding (with personalized names). Photo of Madelaine smiling happily appeared on billboards, in the subway and even as the aircraft livery (although she was holding the bottle with name “Bree” on its bottom). The next year she got two small roles in David Yarovesky’s “The Hive” and the “Instant Mom” TV series. Also the young actress starred in a fantasy-horror movie “The curse of Sleeping Beauty” by Teo Pearry.

In 2016, Mendes was cast as “silver-tongued high school sophomore” Veronica Lodge in The CW’s new teen drama Riverdale, a subversive take on the Archie comics. Mendes was represented by the Carson Kolker Organization, later changing to CAA.

Mendes appeared on the cover of MensHealth magazine in December 2017 and Cosmopolitan in February 2018. She made feature film debut in The New Romantic, which premiered at the SXSW Festival in March 2018. In that same month, Mendes joined the cast of The Stand-In alongside Laura Marano and Matt Walsh.

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in 2018, Madelaine Petsch again appeared as Cheryl Blossom in the new season of “Riverdale”. While the second season is live now, the cast is going to announce the third one. “Riverdale” is popular not only in the United States, it started gaining popularity all over the world.  “Riverdale”Dominated the Teen Choice Awards 2018

Madelaine Petsch: Relationship

Relationship with Travis Mills: Madelaine has been in relationship with Recording artist, Rapper and Actor Travis Mills Since May 2017.

Madelaine Petsch: Education

High School: She studied at South Kitsap public High School in Port Orchard, Washington.
Graduation: she studied at Tacoma School of the Arts (SOTA) Tacoma, Washington for her major in Arts.

Madelaine Petsch: Facts & Trivia

  1. Love for acting: Her love for acting began very early, she wanted to be a star since the age of 3.
  2. She is trained in classical dancing (Tap dancing) and theater.
  3. She has previously lived in South Africa. Her parents are from South Africa.
  4. She worked in a coffee bar for a while to support her career as actress. She has also worked at a design and decor company.
  5. She is a Vegan: She became a vegan at the age of 14 and has given up on meat ever since. She was raised Vegetarian by her parents.
  6. PETA: She has participated in the awareness campaigns by PETA to raise awareness about animals & rescue.
  7. She has been covered by Flaunt Magazine, they published her in 2017
  8. She is into Yoga, she has attended classes previously.
  9. She loves pets, has a cat named Totoro(since she was 8 years old), has a poodle dog named peter.
  10. Playboy’s 25 Hottest Redheads of 2017: Playboy magazine listed her as one of the top 25 redheads of Instagram
  11. Commercials: She has appeared on Ads for- Coca Cola(2014).
  12. Teen Choice Award: She won the award in 2017 for her role in Riverdale
  13. Religion: She was raised Agnostic by her parents.
  14. Tea: She drinks lot of tea, Earl Grey Green tea is her favorite.
  15. Weird Job according to her: She previously worked as a executive consultant at a political firm, which she considers a weird job for her.
Madelaine Petsch Childhood Biography, life Story & Net worth
Riverdale Dominated Teen Choice Awards 2018

Madelaine Petsch: Quotes

  • Your dreams are never too big, always follow your passion
  • (Her advice to her younger self) Keep on keeping on with your passions.
  • I’m a gym rat.
  • My hair has probably become my absolute favorite feature.
  • I’m proud of where I come from.
  • Everyone has a different image in their mind of what beauty is, you can’t let another person’s image deter you from how you feel about yourself.
  • Sexual abuse leaves deep scars in those living through it, But you have more power than you know, Find help to take control, stop the hurt, and reclaim the future.
  • Every actor dreams of a role where you can play so many different things.
  • I was made fun of for it so much as a kid.
  • I grew up in a small town. I was the only redhead other than my brother.
  • I love meeting people, I really do.
  • I feel like people in this generation are afraid love doesn’t exist and that totally breaks my heart.
  • You know you are grown up when you finally make your own Netflix account

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Madelaine Petsch Social Media Profile

Madelaine Petsch Childhood Biography, life Story & Net worthMadelaine Petsch is active over the social media. He has a huge number of followers on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram. He has more than 1.35M followers on Twitter.



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