Why You Should Be Buying iPad Mini ?

The iPad Mini was awaited for a long time and since people weren’t expecting a mini tablet to come out from Apple, it was already a great surprise for them when Apple announced a mini tablet finally. Now that it is in the market and has broken some good records for its sales, people are looking for reasons to buy it. Some are still sticking to their iPads and wondering why they should move to a smaller version and others are happy with their iPhone 5. However, here are some great reasons to consider iPad mini if you are also in the phase of deciding about it.

Some Great Features of iPad Mini 

Why You Should Be Buying iPad Mini ?

There are many reasons for buying this new mini tablet from Apple but users must know that it is a bit pricier than its competitors in the market so the reasons given below are only to review and not to affect any of your decisions:

  • First, it has a bigger screen as compared to many of its competitors in the mini tablet market, especially Nexus 7. The screen size is 7.9 inches against 7 inches of Nexus.
  • The resolution of the screen is 1024×768-pixel which is not as good as Nexus but it is still a great screen resolution for a mini tablet. At the moment you won’t find your favorite retina display in this model.
  • The back camera for taking pictures is a 5 megapixel camera but other tablets are offering pretty similar specs too.
  • The weight of the unit is 312g which is again a bit more than Nexus but the difference is not noticeable at all. This lightweight of iPad Mini makes it an easy-to-carry tablet as compared to the iPad.
  • RAM is an aspect that throws iPad Mini a bit in the back as compared to its competitors in the market. It has a 512MB of RAM while other renowned mini tablets have already hit 2GB of RAM. This is an area where Apple will need to raise the bar up.
  • There are different versions of the mini tablet with varying storage size from 16GB and 32GB to 64GB. However, there is no card slot to insert an external card for further increasing the space.
  • The processor on iPad Mini is a dual core processor with 1GHz of speed. It is not as good as Nexus 7 but still good enough for any user to enjoy browsing, applications, gaming and other works with ease.
  • IPad Mini is available in both white and black.
  • The technology incorporated in display is the IPS technology and it allows you to experience the multi-touch for freedom of browsing and navigation.
  • This mini tablet is a great asset to have in your daily working life because it has a battery time of 10 to 12 hours so you can easily pass the day with it.

 So far the people who have bought iPad Mini have loved it and besides the missed out Retina display, they seem to be pretty happy with everything else.

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