Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 Best Laptop For Video Editing Under 700

Now day video application becomes popular and hit which makes many vendors side to side releasing the special laptop series that is compatible with that one including Toshiba that release their best laptop for video editing as well. Toshiba has been now as top vendor for computer and personal computer market since long. It becomes reasonable when the company initiates to release products on the same line as well. From several series, the Satellite C55-C5241 is a brilliant option. This item comes with compact body that seems very firm and sturdy to hold. The operating system also works smoothly. These makes the targeting people of the items stands for colleges or students as well as for home users.

Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 Best Laptop For Video Editing Under 700

Best Point of C55-C5241

As one of the special series product releases by Toshiba, it is made with very well component. You can imagine how perfect the item is. Moreover if you know several best points that is applied on this laptop. Apparently you can feel the steady and powerful performance with simple and smooth operating system, preventing you from many difficulties or problem. You will enjoy the real easy-handling laptop you will ever see. With the highlight performance you can do many various task that. It helps you to do your job or task without having too much problem.

Other best point is the complete features that are applied on this laptop such as the clean and fast website browsing. You can do fast browsing and surfing without having lag. You can other multi task as well like. As student’s colleges, or worker, you may get so any tasks that need to do documentation and others close, with this laptop you can use the document that is completed with editing feature for your task. You can use other program that has been running on the laptop as well the medium size screen display also helps you to watch the screen in more comfortable way. So, what are the complete specifications are?

The C55-C5221 Complete Specifications

You may not know the specification of this item yet. You may have not known about how great this item can be nor know about it already. But do not worry; you can enjoy the best specification review that comes with easy description and simple explanation from Air Guatemala. You can feel that this item has been designed together with very strong processor. It has been completed with Intel core processor for 5th generation. Of course the latest one will give you stronger and faster performance. The Intel Core i5 processor with 5200U CPU allows you to enjoy the fast responding program as well as the fast connective action as well.

With this processor, you will enjoy the 2.2 GHz that gives you the fast experience. As one Best Laptop for Video Editing, this item is made with quite big spacious storage derives starting from the RAM that appeared in 8 GB while the hard drive come with 1 TB and 5400 RPM. With those spec, you can do many multiple task as well as doing many tabs browsing only in a few minutes without having any trouble. The LED backlit is just added in the display, giving you real sensation and comforting eyes view. The resolution of the display is apparently in 1366 x 768 resolutions. This item is indeed not touch screen laptop. But it gives you more enjoyable operation.

The specification is not just coming at the right time; it is still completed with others like the connectivity that is placed on the front as well as the wireless connective that uses 802.11b/g/n type for Wi-Fi. You can enjoy the faster sending and receiving data by using 4.0 Bluetooth that gives you a chance to feel very fast connection. The connection can run up to 100 Mbps with Ethernet jacket. You cannot leave the port that is in included as well. You can enjoy 2 pieces USB 2.0 ports and the other single one that comes with 3.0 ports USB. Other thing that you will get is the microphone jack as well as the SDXC of card reader and the HDMI.

Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 Best Laptop For Video Editing Under 700

As a truly great laptop you can enjoy the DVD feature that comes with Super Multi technology drive. This one is a must for any type of laptop. With this DVD system you can do recording, burning, watching, and many more things that needs disk to keep or save the data. You can do Skype with your friends out there since this laptop provides camera with good resolution as well. The resolution is not just god but very well good because it can record you up to 720p by its web camera. You can feel other enjoyable moment by experiencing the clear and fine speaker, allowing you to listen very clear sounds.

As you know, with this laptop you can enjoy the high quality item that runs with top processor of Intel Core i5 as well as the big and spacious storage system that can load 8 GB of DDR3L and SDRAM as well as 1TB hard drive of 5400 RPM with ATA serial. You can enjoy the media Intel that loaded into high definition graphics. The well done size of the body gives you many advantages as well. You can enjoy great tasking time with 15.6 inches that comes with 1366 x 768 pixels. The screen display comes with LED screen as well. It assures you to enjoy the item very well.

The Body Design

Just like regular laptop, this item commonly has the same normal size like other laptop. The different is it is more compatible and more genuine than others. The 15.6 inches that is completed with LED screen lit and its clear screen technology that gives you very clear resolution becomes one of the best points of why you should buy this product. Other thing is the compatible design body that gives you full dimension at 10.2 x 15 x 0.9 inches. As a result the total weight of this laptop is not really heavy. You can hold this laptop since the weight is only 4.8 pounds.

The laptop body design looks cool with its titanium black color that looks amazingly beautiful. The dark black color is just perfect. The outside look of this product is just magnificent and the inside features are more just than perfect. Using new windows 10 as the operating system, it allows you to fast response in doing task and other stuff. As laptop, this item can work in a quite long running time. Different with other type that may only work for 3 or 4 hours, this item can turn on in a longer time since it uses the lithium-ion battery type and it is the required one.

 Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 Best Laptop For Video Editing Under 700

So, if you are talking about the best laptop for video editing that comes from Toshiba then the answer will be the Satellite C55-C5241. You can enjoy the top spec that it has. Even you can do many things better with this laptop including doing your job, your homework, and many more. This item appears as the most compatible one for you. It is the one that you may need to accompany your duty. If you are looking for the best one of everything then goes to this item.