Top Hoverboards Available In The Market

Hoverboards today is a new thing that is attracting most of the internet users. Why I am saying internet users here is because hoverboards are advertised over internet as of now. If you are looking to buy a gift for your kid then a hoverboard is the best option. There are many companies today who are making hoverboards and some are there who are just rebranding the Chinese material. There are many countries who banned these products and the reason behind is that these hoverboards catch fire without any reason. But if you want you can go for the best quality and best brand product in order to use it for long term.

Shark Smart Mini Balancing Scooter

If you are looking to buy a comfortable hoverboard then you must consider buying this one. Both kids and adults can use this and it has the capability to handle up to 265 pounds of weight. This is one of the most affordable hoverboard available. After a full charge you can move up to 15 to 20 KMS and it takes around 60-120 minutes for a full charge.

Self Balancing Hoverboards Esrover Transporter

This is one of the most popular hoverboard in the market. It has the maximum weight capacity of 60KG and it has the maximum climbing level of 15 degrees so your kids can easily use this hoverboard. After a full charge one can easily cover 10 to 12 KMS. Some color choices are also available.

Chic SmartC2 Self Balancing Scooter

You will get some very interesting features along with this hoverboard. This hoverboard have features that are very beneficial. It has the lowest turning radius so it can be used on places that are tightly packed. The weight of this scooter is just 10.5 KG so you can easily carry it anywhere. It can handle a weight of around 220 pounds it has non pneumatic hollow tire which will provide good support for this hoverboard.

Balancing wheel Skque

Some features of this hoverboard is very popular for example Bluetooth, Front LED, Speaker, and a super powered 44000mAh. Since it is provided with lights one can use it even at nights. This hoverboard also has a wireless remote control so you can easily control this scooter.

You can buy these hoverboards from online shopping website like this one: You can even choose many other that are available.