5 Checkout When Buying Patio Furniture Covers

Before going to market to buy the patio furniture covers you need, of some work to know about your locality such as your area’s weather condition it include the daily temperature. Do not skip the level of humidity; similarly, the speed of wind is not negotiable.

The frequency of snowfall and thunderstorm also needs to mention for knowing what type cover you need actually. Additionally, when you finally decide to buy covers for patio, what to check out for when choosing the outdoor furniture covers? The answer can help to buy right covers. Buyer can ask for how many pieces you will get with a set. Few basic checkouts listed below.


It is necessary to ask, “What material is used to make this patio,” you need to ensure about the cover’s quality so that it can sustain different types of weather conditions. Choosing waterproof cover is defiantly a wise idea, what is the meaning of a cover is going to allow to rain or if it cannot prevent furniture from the snow or ice in the session. Although the weatherproof cover can cost but it also durable, and because it is able to give maximum protection, in this way it save you money spent on maintenance. If it is UV-resistant, within the same price, then it is a bonus gift for the buyer.

Size and Shape

The cover Size and shape is the most important component to concede, for example, whether your furniture is Round, Square, or Rectangular. The size also matter, in some case needs custom design and size also, such as in case you have umbrella that not removable, so chooser or order a patio table cover that has a hole in the middle as well as zipper. Always prefer the suitable sized cover, the suitable means it should neither too loose nor too tight, it should fit properly so that it can protect the items fully. You need to know that the patio chair covers cannot use for sofa, so choose wisely.

Weight and Type

It is advisable to purchase outdoor furniture covering which are light in weight so that you can easily carry it, use it, or remove it. It should able to tolerate too hot or too cold weather conditions. It is better to rally measure your furniture so you will not buy the wrong covers in terms of their size and type.

Check Fabric

You may think about durability and strength when choosing fabric covers for furniture, your choices may vary according to the type of furniture you will be covering. Fortunately, different types of fabrics use to make the cover; Acrylic, Cotton, Polyester, Rayon, and the Microfiber Fabric are in trends nowadays.

Cleaning Process

The covers will serve us for a long time if we take care of them properly. The care includes the regular cleaning, fold them carefully, and when it now needs to store them in a dry place. Fortunately, the cleaning of patio cover is not a tough task. You have to ask can we clean it using a mixture of a gentle detergent and water.

By investing a few extra dollars to purchasing high quality outdoor furniture covers, keeping them clean and using them at the right time, and of course save your money every year.