What You Need to Make Your Sports Stunts Show Spectacular

Have you and your team ever wanted to put on the show to end all shows? Maybe you’re looking to put your name on the map as entertainers or drum up more business by showing off your skills? Whether you’re an aerialist, an acrobat, a dancer, or looking to show off your exceptional action sports skills, or whether you’re a seasoned professional or a rookie looking to get some experience, it’s important to do everything you can to put on the best show possible both efficiently and safely. Luckily, with the right planning, preparation time, and resources, you can create a sports show that is not only spectacular but puts your name out there as one of the best-prepared shows out there. Below is a list of tips to consider when deciding what you need to put your show together.

The Basics 

Having a good show requires establishing the right environment and having the right resources. It is important that you have a team of performers who excel in their craft, be able to draw an enthusiastic crowd, and that you select a venue that can accommodate both the show and the audience safely. After all, safety is also a key factor when planning both the stunts and the venue where you’re going to be holding the show. This is because it’s necessary to have access to appropriate safety precautions and emergency personnel trained in things such as CPR, first aid, and other emergency protocols. To guarantee an impressive show, paying attention to the basics in order to figure out what you need and what to account for is essential to ensuring all elements of the production are optimal. 

Help From a Production Company

To ensure that you have both the access and the best help for the proper equipment and resources to put on a successful show, it is important to consider hiring a production company to either help or run the show for you and your team. A production company specializing in staging sports stunts shows, a company like All Wheel Sports Productions, can provide you with the necessary equipment and knowledge for both safety and efficiency. This includes helping you determine what type of props are necessary for the performances, such as trampolines, ramps, or mats, as well as providing rigging and lighting to create the right atmosphere for your show. Additionally, they can help with staff and security management for both your performers and the audience so that everyone is safe and able to enjoy the show as you intend. 

High-Quality Equipment 

When planning for your next stage performance, remember the importance of having quality equipment. From trampolines and mats to help cushion falls to harnesses and crashpads for aerial stunts or acrobatic tricks, having the right tools can make a huge difference in safety, control, and stability as well as allowing performers to take their stunts up a notch. Furthermore, other useful items such as extra helmets for protection during bike or skateboard tricks, stabilizing cables, and rigging may be necessary depending on the nature of the stunt. Ultimately, preparing with the best equipment will not only ensure that your entire performance runs smoothly, but also give you greater freedom when it comes to showing off all your best tricks.

Special Effects & Specialty Lights 

Nowadays most shows feature some sort of special effects like pyrotechnics or fog machines in order to add a little extra pizzazz to the performance. They also take advantage of specialty lights to help emphasize the performance. Whether you’re trying to highlight certain elements of your show, such as directing the audience to where they should be paying attention or highlighting a specific performer, or just creating an exciting atmosphere in general, you’ll want plenty of specialty lights at your disposal. These could include options such as colored spotlights, strobe lights, laser beams, LED bars, and so on. Specialty lights are particularly useful if your venue has multiple stages because they can help differentiate just which stage is the focus of attention at any given time while still providing an immersive experience overall.  

Proper Promotion

To ensure a successful event, proper promotion is key. Promoting your show correctly is essential for any successful event, as it’s the entire reason people even know to come to your show. You’ll need to consider the type of marketing materials you want to use (posters, flyers, etc.), the channels through which you plan to promote it (social media, local radio stations), and even the type of giveaways or discounts you can provide in order to attract more attendees who might not be as interested without it. Additionally, it is important to be informative with details like event location and ticket prices as well as including other relevant information that would entice potential attendees into taking part in your show. By having effective strategies in place and making sure these points are communicated correctly through the right channels, your event should prove to be an exhilarating success.


In conclusion, putting on a successful sports stunts show requires many different elements to be in place. From having the right equipment and resources to promoting your event effectively, there are many aspects you must consider when planning your performance. A great way to ensure that all of these pieces come together is by investing in a production company and making sure to take the time to properly plan out your show in order to guarantee a spectacular performance. With these tips, your team will be ready to put on an unforgettable show that is both safe and entertaining.