The Benefits Of Secondary Glazing

Replacement windows offer a lot to the homeowner. They are durable and quite effective at keeping out the cold, and they do add a level of security. The downside to having new windows fitted is the cost, which is considerable, and the character of the home is no longer what it was, especially with older buildings, where UPVC windows might not suit. If your window frames are in good condition, it makes sense to put an extra layer of glass inside the existing windows, as this will provide the same benefits, at a fraction of the cost. Secondary glazing is very popular, and here are a few of the reasons why.

The Role of Secondary Glazing

The aim is to do several things,

  • Eliminate draughts
  • Reduce heat loss
  • Improve sound insulation
  • Eliminate condensation

Installing secondary glazed units will give you all of the above, as would replacement windows, if you are prepared to spend a lot more. The noise reduction with secondary units is much higher than with a sealed double-glazed window, as the two panes of glass are much further apart with secondary units, usually 3 – 4 inches.


Installing secondary units is the most cost-effective way to make the home a more comfortable place, and with nothing visible on the outside, the character of the house remains intact. A professional installation will last for many years, and with the money you will save on heating bills, it makes sense to invest in secondary glazing.

Energy Saving

By providing a second barrier of glass, the heat loss will be dramatically reduced, saving as much as 65% on fuel bills. In the winter, the central heating system will not have to fire up so often, as the room temperature will remain at the required level for much longer, and in the summer, the secondary units insulate the interior from the heat, giving you a cooler room temperature.

Retain the Character of the House

Replacing the windows and doors will have a dramatic effect on the look of any building, and with older properties, it simply doesn’t work. Secondary glazing, on the other hand, does not affect the look of the property, as it is only visible from the inside. The current trend is for listed buildings, and secondary units are the ideal solution, as older windows tend to be loose fitting, which leads to a cold room.

Quality Installation

Secondary glazing will only be as good as the installation, so if you are thinking of having the units fitted, and live in the UK, Granada secondary glazing is the ideal solution, and with a range of styles, they can blend in with any type of window.

Improved Sound Insulation

Noise pollution can come from many sources, and installing secondary glazed units will dramatically reduce both high and low frequency noise. Thicker glass can provide better protection if the home is subjected to loud noise, with acoustic glass that has better sound insulation properties.

Secondary glazing provides all of the benefits of replacement windows, without altering the look of the home, and at a much cheaper cost, is the ideal solution for those cold winters.