Essential Utensils You Need In To Be A Successful Baker

Baking is fun, however you need the right tools for the job as well as the right recipe. Recipes will usually tell you everything other than what utensils you will need for the job. So, here is a list of the utensils you will need for baking a range of different recipes that you can enjoy with a luxurious coffee too!

Digital Scales

Scales are a must for cooking as well as baking because the recipes will always give you precise measurements, and for baking particularly it is important to get it right. This essential tool will make sure you measure everything to a tea, but make sure you get a scale with a tare function to make your life much easier. Aim to find a scale that has a measure in grams and ounces as these are the common measurements in a recipe book. 

Wire Whisk 

A wire whisk is another essential item that you will need for binding ingredients together and preventing lumps. The whisk is great for getting air into the liquid as well as mixing the different ingredients together to make them nice and fluffy. Make sure you get one that is a decent size so it is relevant for all purposes. 

Measuring Cups and Measuring spoons

You can never have too many measuring tools. You could have already started baking when you notice a specific unit that you can’t measure with the tools you have. The recipe book does not tell you that you require a measuring spoon which leaves you stuck and trying to convert from one unit to another can be a bit tricky. The last thing you want to do is to improvise and guess which could ruin the whole recipe. 

Make your life easier, get some measuring spoons and a jug with measurements on the side as well. It is recommended that you get a collection of spoons with a wide variety of measurements to take the stress out of your baking. 

Muffin Tin

Muffins will be one of the first things that you will bake, if not the first thing. Just a basic 12- cup will work perfectly as you start, or even a 6-cup muffin tin in case you do not want to waste any food. You will also need some muffin cases to put into the tin as well! 

Mixing Bowls

Buying mixing bowls is another must for baking as you will use them in almost every recipe. A lot of people will buy aluminium bowls which is something that you should avoid as the acidic ingredients could react with the metal which could change the taste of the biscuit selection that you are making. Opt for a few different sized glass bowls so you always have one available. 

Electric Stand Mixer

An electric stand mixer is not that essential but they are very ideal to have and save a lot of energy if you do a lot of baking. The attachments that come with the electric stand mixer vary, however a whip, paddle and dough hook are all useful in the kitchen for baking. They make mixing far easier, especially when you have a lot of ingredients to put into the cakes or whatever else you are baking. 

Baking Tray

This is another essential item that you will need for cooking and baking. You will also need a few of these baking trays in different sizes because you will find one tray won’t work for every recipe. Having a large rectangular baking tray and a smaller square baking tray is definitely enough as a beginner. 

It is recommended that you use baking paper as well before placing any food on the tray. Not only does this help make it easier to take your food off the tray but it also saves cleaning up as well, something that everybody hates after baking!

Up Next, Rolling Pin

This item is just as essential as the whisk you will be buying, as it is such a diverse item to have in the kitchen. The rolling pin is needed to flatten out a range of different things, from pastries to fondant and doughs. It is also great for crushing biscuits or nuts for a range of different recipes! 

Round Cake Tins 

Round cake tins are certainly needed if you plan on making a cake or two. When you are getting started, go for 9-inch cake tins and then start trying other sizes as you go. The issue with bigger cake tins is that you need more mixture, and when you add more mixture it is harder to get it to bake evenly. 

You will need at least 2 cake tins usually in order to make a sandwich sponge, however one larger round cake tin is also an option if you are more confident and happy to cut the cake into two. There are many recipes out there such as Victoria sponge cake that will need two layers. 

Pastry and Cookie Cutters

You will need these for your cookies and biscuits but do not be boring and get the circular ones. Get some that are shaped just to spice it up a little. Getting multiple sizes is advised as well in case you decide to make smaller items or experiment with using them for savoury food. If you do not want to overcomplicate it then getting circular cutters is the easy option and the safe option. 

Offset Spatula 

An offset spatula has a narrow blade that sits lower than the main blade so it makes it easier to spread the topping on top of the cake. These are a cheap but very essential tool as it will help you to achieve a neat and professional finish. 

Silicone Spatula 

These are essential for getting every single last drop of the mixture out of the mixing bowl. The reason why you get a silicone spatula is that they are heat resistant and are very easy to clean, so they make another wonderful and diverse addition to your utensils. 

Wooden Spoons

Sometimes you do not need a whisk for mixing your ingredients. This is why you need the old trusty wooden spoons. Wooden spoons are great because they do not damage your bowls and can be a lot more comfortable in your hand when mixing. Additionally, it is easier to beat the mixture with a wooden spoon than a spatula. Not to mention they are cheap as well!

In Conclusion

So there you have it, 13 different kitchen utensils and baking trays that you will need before you begin to start baking. Remember to follow the rules of your recipe book and you will not go wrong baking in your perfect kitchen!