Repair Plaster Walls Instead Of Replacing Them

Most older homes have plaster walls since plasterboard wasn’t widely used until the mid-20th century. Due to settling and age, plaster walls usually have several cracks running through them that are almost impossible to cover up with paint or wallpaper. Fortunately, plaster walls can be repaired so they are smooth and you can then decorate them as you wish.

Repairing Plaster Walls

Although many homeowners tear down the plaster on the walls of older homes when they renovate, it is a labour intensive and expensive project. Instead of spending money to replace plaster with plasterboard, you can use your money to have the walls repaired and then spend it on more important projects in your home. Plaster cracks, damage to corners and even missing chunks of plaster can be replaced or repaired to look new again.

There are many products at a hardware store or home improvement centre that are used to repair plaster walls. Fill-in materials can be bought in small bags or you can also buy them by the bucket if you need to repair a significant amount of damage. However, there are some projects that may need the expertise of Dagenham plasterers to repair.

Call in the Experts

Although you may be able to fill in small cracks yourself, damage to the sides of walls or missing chunks of plaster cannot be simply filled in. This type of damage needs to be carefully repaired before plaster can be applied in order for the surface to be smooth so you can decorate with paint or wallpaper. If you are not sure what you are doing, you need to call in professional plasterers to make the repairs for you.

Replacing interior plaster walls is often unnecessary and they can be professionally repaired to save both time and money.