TeleSign – An Identity Verification Software

Identity verification software allows you to verify your customers and determine whether you are dealing with an authentic party. It integrates high-tech programming technology with multiple data sources to provide you reliable and up-to-date information on your customers. It is rapidly gaining popularity among online businesses that wish to minimize the risks they face when dealing with customers online, such as fraud and spam.
TeleSign is popular identity verification software that helps reduce fraud and spam on the internet. It is an intelligent authentication service that combines the features of a telephone and internet technology to determine whether the contact information provided by someone is authentic or not. In the present day when most of the dealings and business rely on internet and ecommerce, TeleSign is an optimal solution to help protect you against internet fraud by using phone technology as a tool for authenticating users’ identities.
Products & Features
TeleSign 2FA
The TeleSign Two-Factor Authenticity ensures stronger security coupled with reduced operational costs and enhanced user experience by extending security levels beyond the basic username and password. Telesign 2FA primarily makes use of a user’s phone to add a second layer of authentication and security, and that too without incurring heavy costs often associated with the traditional methods of authentication.
TeleSign Verify
TeleSign Verify is another product offered by the company to minimize fraud along with reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. Like Telesign 2FA, TeleSign Verify also employs telephone technology to protect a company and its customers by verifying their identities in real-time, as well as validating and improving the quality of their lead data. It also prevents fraud associated with bulk registrations, again reducing operational costs and protecting brand integrity.
TeleBureau acts as a central database that allows websites and other online properties to report fraudulent transactions to avoid falling victim to fraudsters repeatedly. All reporting is done confidentially; means no personal information is required from the reporting party. Companies can report offenders whose information would be stored at a central location, based on unique phone numbers, after which the offenders will be blocked, resulting in reduced fraud on a global scale.
PhoneID Standard
PhoneID Standard allows users to recognize risky transactions by providing them with information on key attributes including phone type and geographical information. These attributes aid in determining, whether a phone is enabled to receive SMS or not; thus, reducing undeliverable messages and increasing conversions to legitimate orders.
PhoneID Contact
PhoneID Contact is yet another authentication feature offered by TeleSign that enables businesses to verify the identity of online users through name and address, registration location information, phone type and auto-corrected phone number to aid in real-time decision-making. It saves businesses from online frauds by acquiring data on every single number. This results in reduced costs, increased operational efficiency and faster and more accurate decision-making.
TeleSign identity verification software is one of a kind that has successfully aided numerous companies and big names around the globe in fighting fraud and reducing online scams. It is available in multiple languages and is easily ranked as one of the best fraud prevention and identity verification software to date. With its wide range of products and features, TeleSign is the perfect solution for online businesses to maintain a safe and secure online presence with minimal risks, resulting in higher revenues and increased customer satisfaction rate.