Most Commonly Asked Questions About Orthodontic Treatment

There are many people who don’t have the confidence to smile in front of other people because of their crooked teeth. There is still hope for people who are suffering from this problem because there are many orthodontists available today that can straighten their teeth and enable them to wear a perfect smile.
If you are planning to get braces to correct your crooked teeth then maybe you have many questions that you want to be answered regarding the process of orthodontic treatment. Maybe there are several things that you are worried about which makes you hesitant to accept an orthodontic treatment.  Getting answers to those questions will help you feel confident that the treatment will be done smoothly and will remove the uncertainties and doubts that you feel about it.
Common Questions About Orthodontic Treatment:

  1. 1.      Does Braces Hurt? For me, most people are hesitant to accept orthodontic treatment simply because they think that it hurts. There is no definite answer for that since each person responds differently to braces.  Some people might feel no discomfort when wearing the braces while for those who have sensitive gums and teeth; they might be irritated by it.  Feeling pain when wearing the braces is not a good reason for you to decline an orthodontic treatment since there is a rich reward that is waiting for you which is a perfect smile.

You should always tell your orthodontist whether the braces hurt or not. If it hurts, you should ask what you can do to lessen the pain. The orthodontist will respond by prescribing you pain relievers that you can buy over the counter.  Fortunately, the models of the braces that are available today have been improved, they are made smaller and less bulky which makes the treatment more comfortable for you. This is the reason why there is a very huge chance that your orthodontic treatment will be pain free.

  1. 2.      How to Maintain Your Braces?  After your braces are applied, the orthodontist will ensure that you are informed about the proper way of taking care of your gums, teeth and the braces as well. They will tell you about the cleaning tools that you need in maintaining your proper oral hygiene.  They will also encourage you to do regular brushing and flossing of your teeth.

While you are under treatment, your orthodontist might avoid eating some types of food such as popcorn, candies, nuts, hard candies, sticky candies and other form of sweets that could damage your teeth.  You should also avoid chewy and hard foods since it can loosen the bands and damage your brace. If you have been successful in maintaining your braces, you will be able to complete the treatment as scheduled and wear a perfect smile once the braces are removed.
These are only some of the questions that people asked regarding the orthodontic treatment.  If you still have doubts and have more questions to be answered, then I suggest that you contact a professional orthodontist and ask them about it.
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