Serverclub – Understanding Hosting

As the computer industry continues to grow, and the perceptions of people continue to change, there is a realization that the amount of data acquired by the company computers is too overwhelming and needs to be stored in a good place; safe and secure. To this end, has become the solution to many as they offer hosting services for individuals and companies. They are an online server host who give you enough space to put your data and ensure that your operations go on without disruption. The idea of having data managers is a good one because they take all the liability if any of the physical storages is stolen or damaged. Servers prove to be the lifeline of companies that deal in a lot of data such as IT companies, banks, hospitals and even the military. In order to understand what they do, you need to understand what hosting is.

What is Hosting?

There are two types of hosting, web server hosting and dedicated server hosting. Web server hosting is a type of hosting offered to companies where they can share their information with the people around then through the internet or the World Wide Web. Here, companies are given space on a server where they can share and store their files, this sever is a hired server from a host. The main advantage is once the space is offered it belongs to the lease owner and they only can access the data whenever they need it. The other type of hosting is known as dedicated server hosting, which is offered to companies by having a physical server in their premises or far away that is completely dedicated to the work the said company does. If you needed a dedicated server, please visit for more information on how to get this service.

Why you need Hosting

Consider this scenario, you work in a business environment that collects data or comes across a lot of information that needs to be saved. Paper filing is not reliable because the paper degrades and can cause or lead to loss of vital information. In the case of a hospital, loss of patient records will not be looked upon because it would mean a patient’s medical history will vanish and it can lead to unwarranted treatments and loss of time. This is why you need a server, or hosting by a reputable company. The main advantage you will derive from hosting is:

Your Data is Kept Safe

Data loss is reduced drastically and even avoided when you use a server to store your information. This is more efficient when the server is off site; offsite means that it is not within your premises. An offsite server is a lifeline in case of fire or any other type of threat. Alternatively, you can have a dedicated server where you record data and save the data in a data bank. This way in case of such a threat, you will be able to minimize the impact that can be caused by data loss.