An Apple A Day – Music For Your IPhone

1It is widely known that iPhone applications are costly and can only be bought on either iTunes or the iStore. However, websites such as offer a solution when it comes to the purchase of music and music application that are compatible with the iPhone. Better still, you can find all the help and ratings you need on music and how well it is doing in the worlds.
The whole idea behind mp3 music downloads is the fact that the world has found solace in music; it has found a way of expression, which is needed all the time and that is why you will find almost 90% of people with smart phones and iPhones on their earphones when walking round. For the iPhone, it has been quite difficult to get a way to let the users enjoy such service until they offered the opportunity of people to be members of the website in order to help or enable them download music from the site them they can listen to the music on their iPhone.
If you are a music lover, then by all means you will need the following apps for your phone to help you enjoy your music even better:

  • Rhapsody

Rhapsody is an application where you will buy more than eleven million songs which you can listen anytime you time. The catch is that you have to pay for the app a monthly subscription. The upside is that you can listen to the music offline and you can buy the application by downloading it from iTunes.

  • TuneIn Radio

TuneIn radio is unique from other online radio stations in that it offers you access to 40000 stations, which include the radio stations near your locality. The unique thing about this application is that it lets you pause, rewind, and play the radio station so that you do not miss anything.

  • Shazam

Shazam is an application that enables to find a song and the singer. You can have one of the two and it can help you to look for the other link. It identifies the singer by listening to the song for 10 seconds. It has a few issues identifying upcoming artists or artists who have not established themselves. For the iPhone, you can buy the application on iTunes for a monthly subscription of $ 5

  • Pandora Radio

It is by far the most popular downloaded music application on the Apple app store. The most common reason is because it is free, simple and works better than most music application out there. You can customize your playlists as you want, rate the music and be able to download your type of music as the application customizes the search to the type of music you mainly have. The only limitation is the 40-hour music time given to the free app. However, for 99 cents monthly you get to enjoy unlimited music on your iPhone.

  • Slacker Internet Radio

With this application, you will have access to more than one hundred radio stations where you can listen to all types of music. You can customize the stations such that you get to listen to your type of music anytime anywhere.