What Should Your Next Kitchen Sink Look Like?

The kitchen sink tucked in the cozy nook of the house can easily become the kitchen’s highlight. Kitchen sinks can easily make or unmake your kitchen.

What Should Your Next Kitchen Sink Look Like?

The need to Replace your Kitchen Sink.

When a kitchen sink gets old and dated or that its gets too small when there are added members of the family, you should think of replacing them. In some cases, the faucet might need replacement and thus, the kitchen sink will just as well be replaced. This should be a  welcome news for you since you can now customize your new sink to the whole layout of the kitchen. This new sink can brighten that space in the kitchen when you style it appropriately. You can also customize the sink and the faucet according to your needs.  To start with, you may have to mull over the different kitchen designs and select what is best for you:

Types of Kitchen Sink:

Top mount sinks – these sinks can be dropped into a hole in the countertop and it readily fits almost all types of counters. This type of sink is the easiest to install. As there is a lip around the edge, stuck food debris can be a challenge when cleaning. This sink is usually inexpensive and perfect for your DIY (do – it-yourself) schemes.  If you are already attuned to doing repairs in the house, this will be a project that you can relate to.

Undermountsinks  – as the name denotes, this type of kitchen sink should be installed under the counter. There are exposed edges around the sink which you should finish with a marble top or granite. A solid countertop is required for this sink as you need to seal the gaps where the sink and the counter are joined. However, unlike the top mount sink, there is no raised edge giving you a smooth surface from the sink to the counter. This only means that this sink is easier to clean as well. As the installation is a bit trickier than the top mount sink, you may have to rely on professionals for the installation. You can refer to your local plumbing companies for initial consultation.

Farmhouse sink – Most farmhouse sinks are large and it can fit most of your pots and pan. The distinct feature of this sink is the apron which is prominent at the front past the edge of the cabinet. Most farmhouse sinks look like a big basin and will not allow you to do simultaneous soaking on one side and washing on another side, especially if you only wash dishes by hand.

Integral sink – When you got it planned thoroughly, you can have a kitchen sink that has the same material as your countertop giving you that distinct seamless look that really looks good as a design idea. The only main issue for this sink is that it is difficult to replace your sink as you need to replace the countertop as well.

When you plan to replace your sink, you need to think through it well. The style of the kitchen will determine if you can do it on your own or if you need to hire a professional plumber. Look at the over – all design of the kitchen and how will this new sink complement the element of your design.