Errors Made When Obtaining A Divorce

There can’t be many people out there who ever plan to get divorced, but unfortunately the inevitable does occur and sadly when it does occur, no one wants to make any mistakes. Let’s take a look at mistakes made by people during their divorce proceedings. Errors made when obtaining a divorce can occur from:

  • One or both parties failing to consult legal professionals
  • The concealment and dispersing of assets
  • And even worse, using children as pawns in the proceedings.

When people do not fully comprehend their legal rights or how certain behaviours may affect the divorce, they can end up with much less than a desired financial and custody settlement. In a worst-case situation, anybody who commits basic divorce errors may likely end up having to cope with not only criminal charges, but alienation from their children.

A Stressful Experience All Round

Getting a divorce can be an extremely stressful and sensitive experience, and something that most good people would prefer to postpone when having to deal with issues such as asset division and who will obtain primary responsibility for the children. Divorce certainly a matter that requires experienced divorce lawyers in Yorkshire.

And why is that? For instance, a couple might agree to distribute their assets or prepare child custody in a way that will not be favourable to one spouse, due to one or both spouses not fully understand the law.

Make Certain There’ll Be No Regrets

Divorcing couples who wish to work out a mutually agreeable settlement, should first contact legal experts in family law, who might advise that their clients hold back until they can look over a client’s financial situation. Should a verbal agreement have already been made, it can be very bothersome for a spouse to backtrack and demand their fair share afterwards.

Another error that can create significant problems down the road for spouses’ after a divorce is completed, is that of concealed assets or debts. Divorce lawyers will obtain a comprehensive picture of a couple’s financial situation and then professionally advise their clients how the division of assets should be administered. Unbeknown, some spouses secretly:

  • Lead a separate financial life in which they may have some extra finances or investments stored away
  • Have collected huge debts

The failure to disclose such information during a divorce may be considered fraud and will result in criminal charges or an expensive legal battle and divorce settlement.

To Make Matters Worse

A number of divorcing spouses make the mistake of getting involved in new romantic relationships. This often results in huge friction amongst a divorcing couple, especially if the romantically involved spouse introduces the new partner to the children.

Courts usually take a negative view of such undertakings, and the upset spouse may become vindictive, and make the divorce procedure much longer than it would have been.


So, it is in anyone’s best interests to consult with experienced legal experts, who will assist and guide you along the way in making everything that much smoother.