Student Tips: Choose The City To Live and Study In Australia

Everyone wants to live in a foreign interesting country to learn new culture, meet new people and get unbelievable experience. How to do it if you are a student? That is why the most of students try to choose the best country and the most interesting city. The last point is choosing the best university. Is it really important what country to pick for study? Yes, it is. The place where you study makes the big influence on your character and personal development. If you are going to Australia for study, you must be interested in what kind of life the students of Green Continent usually have.

Let’s start meeting Australia from the most popular student cities: Sidney, Melbourne, Brisbane.

Old world charm Melbourne University


Sidney is the biggest multinational Australian city. It is very popular for students and tourists. The city is full of live day and night: restaurants, bars, clubs. There is also a big Opera Theatre, National Sea Museum, Australian Museum, parks, beaches, ancient villas and museums. If you sport lover, you will like the popular city beach Bondi Beach, golf fields, cricket and football platforms. In short, you have lots of activities in Sidney if you are a student. What is more, Sidney is multinational and multicultural city because of numerous emigrants.

There are many students from Europe, Asia, America. What is the most attractive is unique combination of pleasant climate, high class education and friendly atmosphere of a noisy metropolis. This is the place for such prominent universities as Sidney University, New South Wales University, West Sidney University, Sidney Technology University. The most of Sidney universities offers to all foreign students to live in the campuses or hire the flat. Of course, the price for room in Sidney is more expensive than in the other Australian cities. Thus, foreign students in Sidney used to spend about AU$370 per week, including food, transport and rent expenses.


Melbourne is considered to be the cultural and sport capital of Australia. The city architecture is unique to be the home for museums and exhibitions. You can find lots of theaters here, much more than in the rest of Australian cities. Melbourne is multinational city, full of young foreign students. The most popular universities here are Melbourne University, Royal Melbourne Technologic University, La Trobe University. You can meet students of technic and classical specialties.

The life in Melbourne is as interesting as in Sidney. Nevertheless, you can save money for housing rent. The price for flat here is AU$100 cheaper than in Sidney.


Brisbane is the third big city in Australia. Today’s Brisbane is fast developed city that is included in TOP 100 global world cities of amazing subtropical climate. The old colonial buildings are neighbors of the modern business centers. There are no comfortable beaches in the city. Nevertheless, you can find lots of swimming pools with salt and river water. The city is famous of its unique parks and reservation zones, sport places. Thus, for example, there are many students who come here to learn diving sport and reefs. By the way, you can see more than 21% of foreigners.

Brisbane is rich in such universities as Queensland Technologic University, Queensland University, Griffith University. The student life is calm and cheap, much cheaper than in Sidney or Melbourne. Thus, the price for flat in a good friendly district is AU$150 per month or even cheaper.

Studying in a library

Other Cities in Australia

There are two more popular cities to live and study in Australia. They are Perth and Adelaide – the fourth and fifth big cities in Australia.

Perth takes the honorable 9th place in the list of the most comfortable cities to live. The city is full of the picturesque parks, reservations and the world popular West Australian Museum. You can find the West Australian University, Curtin University, Notre Dame Australian University.

Adelaide is rather modern city with broad streets and squares, sandy-white beaches, museums and galleries. The most attractive universities are Adelaide University, South Australia University, Cranfield University.

Housing Prices in Australia

Foreign students, who came to study in Australia, have lots of different attractive variants to live. Looking for budget variants, you should pay your attention to student campuses, local families. The price for campus is about AU$20-50 per month. The rental price for flat is about AU$100-200.

Food Prices in Australia

According to statistics, the minimum food set for Australians is about AU$100-150 per month. The shops of the country offer to buy goods of different quality for different budget. It means that you have a great chance to cut corners on food, especially if you are going to cook at home. The price for budget restaurant is AU$ 6-20.


Transport Prices in Australia

The price for transport is Australia is different, depending on what kind of transport you prefer. The week price may be AU$10-50. Taxi price depends on the distance you go to be attractive only for urgent situations. If you used to drive your own car at home or need to get to the university very far from the place you live, you may use special Australia Under 21 car rental locations.

Other Prices

Medical service is Australia is supported by the local government. Australian citizens use it for free. The foreign students are offered to subscribe to a private policy that overlay almost all medical spheres. This kind of policy makes you free from the long lines in the hospital and filling in long and boring papers. Private policy costs about AU$200-300 per year.

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Price for Attractions in Australia

Australia is a country of different attractions. The ticket to the cinema is about AU$5, theatre – from AU$20. You can visit a lot of interesting shows, competitions, park attractions. The prices are different in different cities. What about the education? The education is equally good in the cities of Australia.

So, is Australian life cheap for you? Share your comments and go packing. It is time to try your hand as Australian student! It may me not expensive, as you can see.