Hunting Made Easier By Use Of Crossbows and Bows-Archery

Hunting is a common activity in our lives which may be done as a hobby or source of income. It involves trapping or killing animals with an aim to catch them. It can be practiced to obtain food, as a recreational activity and in other cases to remove a predator from the animal or human environment. Hunting is done by predators with a man being the smartest hence use of tools such as the crossbow and the bow; Use of bows to shoot arrows is archery.

The hunting weapons have evolved from spears, metal knives and blades as well as arrowheads to archery. In this case, more emphasis is laid on what is commonly used in the hunting fields.


It consists of a horizontal bow fixed on a frame with a trigger mechanism which releases a bowstring and is held same as the stock of a gun. It is used to shoot bolts also known as quarrels- projectiles which look like arrows. One of the common types of the weapon is a bowfishing pistol. The process of using the crossbow involves cocking and then shooting the bolts to your target.

Hunting Made Easier By Use Of Crossbows and Bows-Archery

In cocking, the hunter should place his or her foot in the cocking stirrup, orient the ropes then put the bowstring on top of the bow-on the groove. In addition, place the hooks on the bowstring, pull the ropes to ensure handles are even, pull back forcefully then place the bolt in the groove. Once readily cocked, then slide the bolt into the barrel, turn the crossbow’s safety off then aim at your target. The archer at this point can examine the placement and make adjustments if necessary then take the shot. The bow needs maintenance which is done by placing wax on the strings of the crossbow after taking a few shots.

If hunting is your hobby or you use it to earn your daily income, then you may consider using a crossbow or a bow for efficient hunting. Archery is the developed hunting technique which will ensure that you obtain your target in the best way possible.


This is a more typical weapon made of a piece of wood that is curved and joined by a taut string at both ends for shooting arrows. It is much simpler compared to a crossbow with lesser regulations and safety measures. To load, the archer puts an arrow across the middle of the bow and the bowstring on the arrow’s nock. After loading, he or she pulls back the arrow hence pulling the bowstring. It stretches the limbs of the bow storing energy and the hunter sights the arrow to aim to the target then releases it.

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