How Ski Courses can Improve your Performance

Skiing can be a difficult sport to get the knack of with many different variations now popular.  This includes speed, freestyle and even snowboarding.  Getting the opportunity to actually ski can also be a challenge as this clearly relies on snow.   Many people use the indoor facilities dotted around the country but not nothing really beats actually doing this on real snow.  Whether you are a beginner or consider yourself to be an expert there are courses designed to help develop your skills and potentially even give you formal qualifications.  The Alltracks Ski Courses are an example of just some that companies offer.

Ski Instructor Course

If you already have the basic skiing skills and want to become an instructor then this type of course could be one for you.  This is a 7 week intensive course with the outcome being a formal qualification – CSIA Level 2.  This course is designed to specifically focus on how you can improve your skiing technique and leave with an understanding of all the different snow conditions and its impact on skiing performance.  This course is held in Canada and the price Alltracks quote include accommodation and exam fees.

Ski Improvement Course

If you are not wanting to follow this through to career level but have the basic skiing skills and would like to improve then this 2 week course in Canada may be up your street.  The training is led in both morning and the afternoon and is 4 days each of the weeks and the CAA Avalanche Skills training over the weekend.   This is a jam packed course and pretty intense.  You will receive training at a level where you will get focus from an instructor (as the group sizes for this are low).  At the end of the course you will walk away a much more capable skier and have a better appreciation of skiing terrain.

Ski Touring Course

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to change terrain and head to the mountains – this one is for you.  This course combines hiking, skiing skills and avalanche awareness all into one.  The duration is 2 weeks and again held in Canada supported by professionally recognised coach’s.  Not only do you get to enhance your skills, but you get to see the beautiful mountains that Canada has to offer.  There is however a minimum entry requirement for this type of course and you must have completed the advanced skiing course or be at AT level 3 minimum.  Your fitness and health need to be in a good position also.

Costs and Booking

The costs of all of these courses range from around £3,000 to £6,000.  It’s not cheap but if you think of this as not only a course to enhance your skills in this sport but you also potentially leave with a formal qualification.  In addition to this, some people may enjoy the sport so much they will look at these opportunities as a vacation.