The 10 Big Lighting Trends For 2018

Over the past couple of months, lighting has really changed as it has moved from energy-saving to embrace a fully digital approach.

LEDs have cost and power saving properties and are very environmentally friendly. This has caused many homeowners to switch from the wasteful incandescent bulbs that lose so much energy in the form of heat.

LED lamps come in a variety of designs to enable you to add style to your home. These bulbs are available in different shapes, colors, and brightness. LED lamps come in the form of floor lamps, table lamps, wall-mounted sconces, candle bulbs and chandeliers.

Listed below are 10 of the biggest lighting trends this year.

  1. The WELL Building Standard

Basically, the WELL Building Standard is a concept introduced in construction to provide better comfort to people.

The WELL Building Standard is becoming a big deal. This product is from an NGO is gaining popularity on the side of the pond. This is as resulted from the failure of the current guidance that does not keep up with trends such as productivity and wellbeing in the workplace.

  1. Luminaries functionality

Luminaries are set to boost more functionality, resulting from an increase in lowered prices. This is expected to be a major trend in lighting this year.

Some functions of the luminaries will be to provide increased sensor characteristics, easy color tuning, build-in wireless connectivity, and an increase in intelligence.

In short, these luminaries provide what can be referred in other terms as digital light considering that they are IoT ready.

  1. Bluetooth to win the protocol war

A Bluetooth standard has finally been set that meshes together its beacons. This technology will enable the beacons to give instructions to each other.

This move has taken 2years to materialize and finally, Bluetooth will be able to go far beyond the usual 110m range that customers have become accustomed to.

  1. Light Controls

Expect light controls to leave the cupboard. In the past, lighting controls used to be stored in the cupboard inside a box of electronics.

One of the trends this year is moving into the luminary technology. The interface is an intelligent one comprising ‘self-learning’ algorithms similar to those commonly found in thermostats.

  1. Adoption of Li-Fi

The Li-Fi kit is inclusive of luminaries and drivers.

The military, security and diplomatic sectors are predicted to be among the first to adopt the Li-Fi considering its advantages over the regular Wi-Fi services.

One major advantage of Li-Fi over Wi-Fi is that you can still access the internet without being vulnerable.

  1. Emergency lighting

Different regulations will be set to provide better standards for emergency lighting in regards to specifications and installation.

  1. Lighting will join the connected office

This trend is set to become a reality this year. Many of the companies in property development are becoming more innovative and they’re now using IoT lighting.

  1. Lighting pollution

Lighting pollution has been an issue of major concern for the longest time. More awareness is being created that LEDs such as candle bulbs cause less lighting pollution.

  1. Human-centric lighting

The current ‘human-centric’ lighting installations are not as human-centric as their name suggests. However, after intensive research, it is expected that better systems will be installed in homes and offices.

  1. The industry will be driven by consolidation and partnerships

Lighting manufacturers who work by themselves will be phased out as consolidation takes over the market. It is predicted that there will be numerous partnerships to get rid f the fragmented industry.