Biometrics: The Future Of Bank Cards

The use of the bank card will soon experience a new upswing. Thanks to the continual evolution and diversification of technologies, typical banking activities can be carried out online for greater convenience. But hackers lock down the entire system with threats, having customers start to doubt the process. To address this issue, researchers have found solutions that rely on biometrics, what is it really about?

Biometrics: The Future Of Bank Cards

Biometrics Against Identity Theft

To be effective, a password must be indecipherable. Nonetheless, with the codes and the numbers of the old bank cards, we often encounter problems during the payments. Theft is common and passwords easily decrypted. Biometrics proves to be the appropriate solution. It is on its way to becoming the password of the security systems of the future.

If previously it seemed to be from a sci-fi movie, today biometric technology exists and is planning to revolutionize old passwords. These require memory and can become a real headache. A method that provides comfort when applied, biometrics is not at all complicated to use. Besides, it allows to authenticate precisely and instantly each person, thus limiting identity theft.

The different Biometric Passwords

Huge telephony, computer and online payment companies favor biometrics as a security mode. Following the trend, banks have decided to simplify the access of individuals to their bank account to better protect them. Semlex, under the direction of Albert Karaziwan, can provide such a device. As a model implemented, there could be:

  • Eye recognition or eye biometry that analyzes the iris or retina of each individual to confirm their identity.
  • The recognition of blood vessels or venous network that examines the trajectory of the veins of everyone.
  • Voice recognition based on the peculiarities of the voice.
  • Heart rate recognition, also called photoplethysmography, which measures the cardiac rhythm.
  • Facial recognition that is based on the characteristics of a person’s face.
  • Auditory recognition that refers to the flexuosities of the ear canal.

Albert Karaziwan wants, by launching the Biom├ętric Network System (BNS), to provide safe morphological identification means to each individual, in order to avoid the illegal appropriations.

How does the Biometrics Work?

To be valid, the biometric card must contain a fingerprint or other features of its owner. The latter will have to go personally to his bank and have the process validated. Thus, he can make payments in store with a morphological or behavioral recognition for final confirmation. It is an insurance that guarantees the authenticity of the payer.

For online purchases, the system relies on selfies and other sensors. Indeed, after having disclosed the figures of his card, the person will confirm, with a selfie or a scan of his hand or his eye, that it is he who makes the purchase. For this purpose, the device used must be able to perform this type of analysis and that the store has data about the user. This marks a major step towards the new biometric technology promoted by some companies such as Semlex.