GV Mobile + Beats Out GV Connect

Because Apple has released their guidelines regarding application submissions and slackened those that govern third party compilers like Flash Professional CS5 in creating iOS applications, it appears as if they are also all right with Google Voice Applications that were previously disallowed from appearing in the App Store.  The first 2 native Google Voice applications, namely GV Connect and GV Mobile + have been released once again onto the App store and are now available to the public at large.  GV Mobile + was found to beat out GV Connect, and so the first will be the focus of this article.
Consumers that are already familiar with Google Voice will have noted that it is slightly tiresome to have to depend upon the Internet application on the iPhone in order to make use of it.  Google Voice is free of charge, and assigns a telephone number for you that you are able to configure so that it rings on any phone you specify, for users who have more than 1, as well as enabling texting; voicemail; and giving you another option as far as making less expensive international calls goes.
Now, when you decide to give someone your number, you can give out just 1 instead of trying to keep track of which 1 is your home number, which 1 your office and so o.  It also enables you to control which of your phones the calls will come through on; and you can further set up various voicemail greetings tailored specifically to be appropriate to different groups of callers.  When you are at your home office, you can divert calls to your office phone; when travelling these calls can come through on your iPhone; and you can also set calls to a do not disturb function when you are sleeping in a different time zone.  The GV Mobile + app allows for native access to each of the Google Voice features, and you are able to access transcripts of voicemail messages as well as being able to listen to them; send and receive SMS messages; and make telephone calls and access your iPhone Contacts better when they appear by means of CallerID, coming in from your Google Voice number.  It must be noted however, that, although this app is free of charge, making and receiving telephone calls uses cell minutes, although, in terms of international phone calls, using the application instead of roaming will probably save you money.  It is a stable app with a good interface and users are sure to be happy with the services it provides.