What the hell is Facebook?

Believe it or not, many people on this planet who do not know what Facebook is, first, because until now are not required to know and secondly, because he might not have fallen into the worst trap and fell 500 million users around the world. For many, Facebook is the trap needed. Many people get into the mess of communicating through Facebook and the people who are reserves give a pretty smart to use this platform. The problem probably lies with those individuals who give free rein to the “web transparent” and all of a sudden do not know what else to do. If you want to join in all this great showcase social networks are going to give you a little ear to completely understand that this is all about. The first thing to know is that social networks like Facebook are a great social phenomenon.
Social phenomena such as used clothing that is fashionable, watch a movie that turns out to be a blockbuster, sing a song from a particular group or things like that do not always meet the highest standard and this is why it is very important While you evaluate what you are doing but above all to put on the table, what are the advantages and disadvantages and how it can impact your life.
What is Facebook? Facebook, which is a social-networking site is now the social networking platform used in the world with a membership of over 500 million users worldwide. Facebook works by creating an account at www.facebook.com and then you can use your email account to access it. It is very important to know that once you have created your account then you can create your profile to delimit the access and everything related to your account and all personal information should never have assumed office.
What are the benefits of Facebook? Facebook is a highly effective platform and is very good because it allows you to get much benefit by sharing with friends and can help you even know people who are distant in many parts of the world.
What are the damages or disadvantages? One of the major disadvantages of Facebook is the exposure of book people and all that it can be derived. Not always want your personal information in the hands of malicious people. Not always such people are organized crime or something like that but other individuals who are not your friends and have access to your pictures, profile data and more. You understand well how it works Facebook so you can better define what kind of access you want users on your network user.