Choosing Appropriate Movies for Children

It can be quite challenging for parents to find movies that are appropriate and suitable for children. Movies may contain various scenes that are considered acceptable or unacceptable for children consumption. Movies are often embedded with conflicts. Good conflicts in movies could inspire children as the protagonists are finally able to resolve so many challenges that are brought upon them. They will be able to learn how to find resolution of the conflict. However, in movies for mature audience, conflicts can be characterized with violence, deceit, trickery and bloodshed. These are things that children shouldn’t see at such young age. An appropriate movie for children should provide constructive resolution, while in other movies the stronger wins. It is acceptable if the hero win, especially if the cause is just. On the other hand, the path of winning should be clean of any dirty factors that can pollute the children’s mind. Movies can teach children how to be stronger, but they should be able to achieve that in a good way. Conflicts shouldn’t be filled with violent responses, it should be consisted of smart strategies to achieve a goal.


Appropriate movies for children should include enough positive messages that can influence that conduct and values of children. For younger children, it is a good idea to guide them to understand the real messages of the film. In this case, parents should be able to make sure that they fully understand the meaning the films. These movies shouldn’t contain coarse languages and profanities. Children are excellent imitators and it is not a good thing if they are constantly exposed to cruel words at younger age. Eventually, children will know these profanities through social interactions and media exposure. However, delayed introductions to coarse words may make them immune to repeating and memorizing them. Good movies for children should have the feel-good atmosphere and when they see things, it is important that they experience a good feeling. Age-appropriate content should keep children entertained when watching the film. Many movies and animated films for children contain enchanting and thrilling storyline that happily enjoy. We should also know that children will ask. When children are watching inappropriate movies, we would be in a situation where we have to lie to them.

Movies should also be creatively stimulating, especially because children lose much of their free imagination and creativity, over time. The modern education doesn’t fully support the children creativity. In this case, appropriate films should be a part of the educational process. The last thing that we want to avoid is exposing children to nudity and sexuality.  Children who haven’t been exposed to violence and sexual content are actually disturbed by movies for mature audience. Parents can contribute by researching for the right kind of movie for their children. As an example, IMDB is a good place to find proper movies for children.

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