Sanitary Wares Manufacturers Sharing Tips For Cleaning And Maintenance

Your sanitary wares are expensive and you must maintain their shine well. Manufacturers of sanitary wares India bring important tips to keep these products in well condition. Read this article thoroughly and discover pro techniques to restore the shine of your sanitary ware.

Regular Cleaning

It is good if you regularly clean your bathroom products because this habit will help in preventing a build-up of soluble salts. However, limescale deposits will require removal at times. If you want to use any chemical to remove the limescale, always read and follow the steps mentioned on the instruction label. In case you don’t have any chemical, you can use lemon juice and apply directly on the layer.

Lifts or Hoist Devices can make Damage

The porcelain enamel and acrylic baths are not meant for use with lifts or hoists, which are placed or fixed inside the bath. These devices can harm the surface or the bath structure.

Contaminated Water

Contaminated water creates spots of rust from deposits of iron. You must clean the water tank thrice a year to remove the iron deposits. It is important to clean it because contaminated water can do scaling in the piping. The spots can be removed with the help of mild cleaner. If you treat the contaminated water, these spots will never come back.

Blocked Drain

You should never flush down the disposable nappies or sanitary pads down the WC. Blockages can occur in the drains and WC pan.


Ceramic products should be properly cleaned with warm soapy water. You may rinse them well with clean water, and dry and polish them with a soft cloth. You should use safe chemicals to clean your expensive ceramics because some proprietary cleaners can harm the glazed surface. You must read the instructions carefully and make sure the product doesn’t have any bleach content.

Chrome Plated Products

The chrome plated products like taps and fittings are designed in durable manner. You can clean them regularly with soapy water and then rinse with clean water. Chrome is vulnerable to chemicals and acids. You must keep your chrome plated products away from hair dyes, wine making chemicals, photographic chemicals, and acids as these can damage the plating.

You must follow these great tips shared by sanitary wares manufacturers India. If you have anything to say, write in comments.