Cell Phone Locator: Everything You Need To Know

Lately, cell phone tracker software has come into the limelight for making it possible to trace any mobile device. Moreover, it is doing so without having any contact with the mobile phone. A cell phone locator generally comes with a built-in GPS tracking system and remote access. There are a few features that a cell phone tracker must have to distinguish it from the various others available in the market.

Cell Phone Locator: Everything You Need To Know

One of the most famous cell phone tracker apps available for Android systems is mSpy. It offers all the above features. While there are several issues concerning privacy, related to the use of a cell phone locator, the technology has various other applications as well to compensate for that. A cell phone locator can be used by parents for keeping a track of the activities of their children. Moreover, the app allows you to locate your own device if the program is running on it in case it gets lost.

Essential Features of a Cell Phone Locator

Every cell phone locator works with almost the same set of features and principles. However, there are a few minor variations that are responsible for determining their effectiveness and advancements. Here are the most common features of a cell phone locator that you must know about:

1. Remote Access Dashboard

This allows the viewing of every piece of information relevant to the device that is being tracked. After the installation of the monitoring software, the customer is provided with a dashboard, which is a securely encrypted control panel. This dashboard provides details of activities performed on the concerned mobile device.

2. GPS Monitoring System

This feature is responsible for the tracking activity. The GPS monitoring system makes it possible to trace a mobile device on a map. Most of the advanced smart phones offer the feature of monitoring the exact location of a mobile device even when it is switched off. However, the feature may not work if the battery of the cell phone is empty or drained.

3. Call and Text Logs

Most of the powerful and highly popular cell phone tracker apps provide users with the privilege to record the calls dialed and received by the mobile device as well as track the visual information of the text messages on the cell phone. The remote access dashboard of the cell phone locator then shows this information to you as needed.

4. Mobile Activity Monitoring

This feature offered by all the popular cell phone locator apps allows the monitoring of all the activities carried out on the mobile device. These activities include the usage of 3rd party apps such as games, social media apps, etc.

5. Internet Activity Monitoring

All the best cell phone locator apps also offer the monitoring of activities carried out on the internet. These activities include internet usage and social media usage. They also track the activities of the users on both adult and generic internet websites.