Echo Tourism: TOP 6 Eco-Tech Hotels In Spain

According to the statistics, more and more tourists from Spain prefer to stay in so-called eco-tech hotels. These are modern hotels, equipped to meet eco concept and principles. Sometimes, it is really admirable and charming to live in the deep of Iberian Mountains to go fishing and eating fresh food. So, it is very important to learn the list of opportunities for tourists that you can expect for.

The green hotels, farm houses and other kinds of eco-tourism in Spain (establecimientos de turismo rural) include different hotels and services for echo tech life. Eco hotels are divided into two groups:

Living together with farmer’s family (casas de payes)

Isolated villa (alojamientos rurales).

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The owners of the green hotels have a list of duties to tourists:

Information about the places you should visit

The hotel owners must have written brochure about all touristic interests in the region (recursos turisticos), activities to support their clients pleasant and informative pastime. If you hired a villa, you should have the owners’ number to use it anytime you need it. The owners have to meet you on arrival and say Good bye at parting.

Special events for tourists

The hotel owners give you the contacts of touristic support services, excursion companies in the region you live to help you to organize your free time.

Sanitary-hygiene environment

The hotel owners must keep the hotel clean and safe to meet all sanitary requirements. The hotel room must be clean, pleasant and ready to meet guests. The public places of the hotel are washed every day, a change of underwear – every second day. It is very important to control the cleaning services at the villas, where you live far from the hotel counter and administrative office.

VIVOOD, Alicante

You will be impressed by the admirable view to Guadalest Valley from your Jacuzzi. And let the whole world wait! The hotel is situated an hour driving from Alicante. It is better to hire a car in Alicante airport and get to the place you need. You feel nature close to you! What is more, you can try local food and learn everything about the ecology and luxury environment, mixed together. The hotel was built by the local architect Daniel Mayo to consist of minimalistic houses that are perfect for the local landscape. The straight lines take you to the very horizon.

This is your chance to enjoy nature and mountain view. VIVOOD is a perfect place to admire sunset and Guadalest Valley.


El Jardin Vertical, Vilafames, Castellon

The hotel is situated in the restored building of the 17th century in the very heart of Vilafames city to be the object of historical value. There is the main city square and the Museum of modern arts near at hand. The center of the city is surrounded by the defensive wall. The hotel facade is made of natural stone as the rest of buildings around to be the architectural composition in classic style. You can get to your room through the hotel hall with traditional interior: stony walls, wooden door and window frames, long galleries. The rooms are individually decorated.

There is patio in the hotel and big hall with the fire place to work or rest at the fire. There is Wi-Fi access, open air restaurant, conference hall. You can see a beautiful view to the fruit fields, olive gardens. The restaurant offers dishes of Mediterranean cuisine that are typical for this region. The degustation menu costs 35 EUR.

El Carmen, Asturias

The hotel is located not far from the town of Ribadesella in the little but beautiful village El Carmen. It is made of natural stones, wood to be a part of nature. The hotel architecture and interior style are made in traditional Asturian style. There is a big hall with fire place, reading room, playing room, patio, satellite TV, free internet. The clients also use free parking that is very important for village hotels. Of course, the view is admirable. The rooms are furnished with antique wooden furniture that was typical for Asturian villas many years ago. Waiting for something special, you should try to go kayaking or cycling.

Mont Saint-Michel Castle - HDR

El Far de San Sebastia, Llafranc, Girona

The hotel building is an important architectural monument that includes a watchtower of the 15th century, skeet shooting of the 18th century and hostel. The hotel-restaurant is located on the top of a hill, 175 meters above sea level. The patio, decorated with arcs and stony sculptures, is the heart of the hotel. There is much space for conference hall, viewing platform, pub and parking.

The building of the hotel consists of few elegant rooms, done in modern comfortable style. The bathroom is made of ceramic. You can admire the sea view to watch the sunset and sunrise. The restaurant offers local cuisine dishes to use season fruits and vegetables. The most of dishes is made of seafood, vegetable and meat dishes. You can ride a horse, interesting excursions, sea voyages, wine degustation and others.

La Rosada Ducal, Burgos (Castilla y Leon)

The hotel belongs to the highest category of village hotels in the region of Castilla y Leon. It is situated in the center of Penaranda close to the city castle. You can find roomy library, big hall with the fire place and conference hall. The restaurant offers local cuisine to try: marinaded meat, mushrooms, desserts. The hotel rooms are individually decorated. The windows go to the city square and city tower. You are offered to visit winemaking courses, horse riding and many other village attractions.

Rodalquilar, Almeria (Andalucia)

The hotel is built in Arabian-Andalusia style to be the center of the natural park Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata-Nijar. The rooms are placed around the beautiful patio with the four huge palms. The big windows and galleries open the panoramic view to nature around. The hotel has many rooms for conferences, library, parking, sauna, and restaurant. The goods are high quality: meat, fish, vegetables, seafood. The visitors are offered to try interesting desserts and wines.

The room interior is done in modern style. Nevertheless, there are many pictures photographs, unknown sculptures. You can learn painting, sculpturing here. Besides, you can go cycling, yachting, diving and taking photography lessons.