A Critical Comparison Between 3DS Max And Maya

It happens all the time when we have to actually choose between two of the top notch market products and compare them to see which one of them is more preferable for us. We only want to get our hands on the best product so most companies get confused regarding which one should be preferred. Two of such market leaders in 3D animation market are Maya and 3DS Max.
Almost all the products we use daily have their PROS and CONS, and most products are eager to offer even better functionalities to overcome their competitors. Maya and 3DS Max are both very feature rich and dynamic 3D animation tools, and interestingly both the tools are owned by one company. MAYA was a separate brand but in 2006, Autodesk (Owner of 3DS Max) acquired MAYA as well. But it does not mean that Autodesk is looking to wade out one of the software and keep the other one alive. Autodesk is planning to continue developing both these applications and has no intentions of making any of the products disappear from the market.
As I said earlier, every product comes with its own pros and cons; similarly both of these products are equally loved and appreciated by the creative community around the globe.
3DS Max is a favorable tool for professionals working as visualization, or architectural animators, whereas MAYA serves more of the TV and Movie industry.
3DS Max has classy conceptual modeling tools, product compatibility and large-scale environment creation. Whereas MAYA is well known to have world-class character Rigging, Animation Layering along with high end motion capture handling features that make it stands out.
MAYA surpasses 3DS Max in Nurbs Modeling as well. Nurbs are a complex technique that you would want to use to create a polygon for example. MAYA can help creating very impressive effects with fluid. You can see MAYA in action in various cartoons and TV shows with amazing water animations.
Cost is also a very important part of any artist’s life, especially when he/she is looking to make a purchase of their animation software. When compared with MAYA, 3DS Max is far cheaper and affordable for small agencies and individual 3D animation artists.
Before making the decision for your animation software, ensure that you understand your requirements well and the product you are looking to purchase fulfils your requirements completely.
If you are looking to build an animated game, than buying 3DS Max would be a bad idea even though it is cost effective. Since, games and movies are better developed in MAYA rather than any other tool of the world. Similarly for 3D modeling of buildings and CAD designs, 3DS Max would be a much better choice.
Furthermore before making the purchase you will have to understand which of the software is supported by your system? You wouldn’t want to buy a new system to run the 3D Animation software, would you?
It’s always a great idea to do a proper research before making any purchases, and the same pattern should be followed before deciding whether to buy MAYA or 3DS Max.

 About Author:
Romain Lemenorel is a technology blogger who loves to write amazing articles on technology and gadgets, he is also a expert in 3d designing and uses render farm 3ds max software to create amazing graphics.