Pimp my Pad: how to de-clutter

A home can become cluttered in so many ways; it’s difficult to know which areas to de-clutter. Technology, for instance, is not the one the average person would ever consider. Yet, I can tell you from experience that it is something that can accumulate surprisingly fast.

Think about the many devices and gadgets you currently own? Chances are you have more than a couple. This isn’t the only technology in the home either; you’re likely to have a few unwanted and unused devices taking up space as well. With this in mind here are a few things I have learnt to help de-clutter. Whether it’s simply finding all these items, being able to sell my stuff for cash or simply knowing what to do with a clean, spacious home, having more options gave me more choice.

Hopefully, this should help you de-clutter your home, making for a more suitable living space. Of course, being rewarded in the process doesn’t hurt, either.

Clearing Space

Part of the problem with any messy pad is knowing where to look. Arguably, we put our unwanted and unused devices, gadgets and other forms of technology out of the way, in places which aren’t important. This includes the likes of unused drawers or behind the sofa. Although one can argue that the reverse is true; these places have become unimportant because it’s where we put our unwanted devices.

Clear this unused mess out of the way and any space becomes usable again. You only have a finite space for storage, so if you’re looking for a smart and clean home you need to prioritize space. Having unwanted and unused stuff in there goes against this, so take the smart option and get it out.

Selling For Profit

Of course, once you’ve got all of these gadgets and other unwanted items together, you need something to do with them. It could be easy to throw them in the bin, but remember that one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Take all your unwanted items and have a look online. If you can sell them for a profit, why shouldn’t you? You no longer need or want them but extra money is something very few of us can afford to turn down.

The Finished Result

So why does all of this in the first place? If the money itself was not a strong enough incentive, perhaps looking at the improved conditions of your living space might help persuade you. A phone lying in the corner, for instance, might not sound like much, but this can build up. Add a few more, as well as CDs, DVDs and other discarded goods and you start to create a messy residence.

Cleaning this out opens up space and creates somewhere more visually appealing to live in. Whether for you, your guests or other people you live with, it’s easy to argue the benefits of a clean apartment. Likewise, you could also use the money gained to further pimp it out or redecorate; perhaps there’s something you’ve always wanted for your home that you couldn’t afford? Cleaning out not only creates the space for it, it will also give you the money to afford it.

My name is Harold Griffiths and I’m a writer, blogger and all around fan of technology. As such I have plenty of my own gadgets lying around so I know a thing or two about selling my unwanted stuff for cash. This, of course, only serves to let me buy more, but it gives me plenty to write about and share.