5 Facts Which Prove Astrology Is A Science

Astrology is a calculative science that can predict your future by studying planetary movements. Unlike other subjects the native has to provide the details of their birth and an experienced astrologer can crack the nut offering the details of the person in a fraction of a second.

Astrology is a vast subject that requires immense research of esoteric science. The roots of astrology can be traced back thousands of years back. Vedas explicitly prove this fact. Understanding the significance of this subject, many astrologers in Qatar have called it a subject based on scientific facts and principles. They are among the most professional, knowledgeable and reliable astrologers who have an in-depth understanding of minute facts and figures. While astrology has helped many, it has always been under the scanner and many don’t believe in it. However, following 5 facts prove that Astrology is a Science:

1. Sun- The Center of Astrology:

5 Facts Which Prove Astrology Is A Sscience

Astrology means “Associated with light”. Sun is the major source of light and heat that is required by humans, animals and vegetations. All the planets revolve around the soul of this universe. Sunlight is nothing but the source of electromagnetic waves. Imbalance of which creates monstrous disturbances and high pressure on earth. We humans living on earth are naturally affected by it. Similarly, when the position of sun is retrograde, it creates troubles in life too and if its position is good in your birth chart, the person’s health, finance and mental state remains in high state. He or she gets lot of name and fame. Our brain and the nervous system are highly sensitive and respond to these radiations very fast.

2. Astrology is Calculative:

5 Facts Which Prove Astrology Is A Sscience

Horoscope decides our character, the moment we enter this world. All predictions are based on the position of nine planets and twelve zodiac signs. Apart from that various other factors like- the place of birth, the time of birth and the date of birth decides our fate too. The 12 zodiac signs are distributed in 12 houses. The 7 planets behave like its lord that governs these zodiac signs. Stars with higher position usually have a strong positive influence and vice versa. This is merely fundamental knowledge, otherwise the subject is exceptionally vast and to offer an accurate prediction, an experienced astrologer should be consulted.

3. Astrology- Based on the Researches:

5 Facts Which Prove Astrology Is A Sscience

Astrology can treat severe mental and physical ailments. If the facts are known beforehand, they can be treated via astrological remedies. The observations are made via phenomenon taking place in the universe, movement of galaxies, the role of sub atomic particles, intuitive reasoning, empirical explanations and the measurements based on hypothesis, experiments and observations. The intense study of all these factors has made the astrologers in Qatar to reach the pinnacle heights of success.

4. Astrology Assists you to Make Right Decisions:

It is a secret weapon that have assisted lakhs of individual in making decision regarding their marriages, buying property, family planning, settlement abroad, studies and while choosing a career. If correct birth details are provided to an experienced astrologer, you are sure to move ahead in the right direction. Astrology is complete in itself to offer correct answers to most perplexed questions.

5. Planets Influences Human Behaviour:

5 Facts Which Prove Astrology Is A Sscience

The position of the celestial bodies acts as a great marker in deciding human’s lives. It can even inform if the individual will be affected by his ancestors or if his demeanor will turn harsh or polite during certain period of time.

We can call Astrology as the road-map that offers profound knowledge about the psycho-biophysical connections amid cosmic subterranean developments of the humans. If astrology would not have been based on science, making predictions about various events happening in day today life of a common man or celebrity would not have been possible.

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