Window Planes: The Mirror Of Your Business

As a business owner/manager, there are already a lot of responsibilities on your head. You need to take care of the product or service that your company deals in. Then there is marketing and branding your product or service. You stay too busy to deal with such issues that you forget the most important question at hand.

What about the cleanliness and maintenance of the office environment? Even though it is not your responsibility to clean the office but your office’s cleanliness and maintenance is your responsibility. After All, it is you who is the face of the company. And any finger pointed at virtually anything related to your business is an assault on your image.

Now what should you do? Are you thinking of getting a vacuum and cleaning the entire office yourself? Don’t kid yourself! As the part of the administration, it is not your job to do the work but get it done. There are various corporates that deal with office cleaning. But the point to take note here is that it is not until your prospective client is in the office that he sees how is it maintained.

The first impression that your office building makes on your customer is the impression that they perceive to be your management skills. So the building that your office is in need to be cleaning and well maintained. It does not matter how big or small it is. People will turn to you for business if they notice that the building your office is in, is worth a visit.

Window Planes The Mirror Of Your Business

The part of building that people tend to look first is the windows. That is the reason; they should be neat and tidy. It does not matter whether your office is on the ground floor or 100th. The outer window plane of the building should be spot free. There are various movies that you must have noticed that showcase people are cleaning window planes like “Iron man 3”, “avengers”, “confession of a window cleaner” to name a few.  

Don’t worry you don’t need to do the cleaning yourself or ask your subordinates to do that. It is a hazardous and significant job so it must be handled by professional window cleaners. There are various enterprises that provide this services in the United States. Even though they all offer the varying prices but if you notice closely their services are somewhat identical. Before hiring someone to do the job for you, just ask them a couple of question and the pressure of choosing one out of the many companies out there will ease.

Window Planes The Mirror Of Your Business

  • What all their service include?
  • The Schedule of the service?
  • Any warranty of their work?
  • What kind of training do the window cleaning workers undergo?
  • Are the workers insured (It can be risky if cleaning high buildings)?
  • What will be the final fare?

Just compare the offers that different firms put forward, and you have your winner.

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