Winchester Science is a Must Visit Attraction for Anyone Interested in Outer Space

The Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium is an exciting destination for families that want their kids to explore the space. The Science Centre is ideal for all explorers. Your family can take a journey through the epic solar system to learn about all the amazing things in space from human space flights to meteor showers. At weekends, families can go inside the “Invention Studio” in the Centre where they can construct, create and be challenged by the friendly and inspiring staff.

Furthermore there are many interactive exhibits that families can explore which will definitely spark curiosity in the minds of the young ones. Whether one wants to learn the secrets of bending the light or create their own vortex or test their balance and speed; it is all possible in the “Science of Sport zone” at the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium. Families can go to the “Colon Cafe” to learn about their gut and see what they put into their bodies affects everything that comes out.

The Winchester Science Centre also runs special programs during holidays and weekends that may include live shows, interactive sessions and/or various challenges and activities. When families get hungry and thirsty from all the space adventure in the centre, they can head to the Hub Cafe to grab lunch and devour cold and hot drinks. There is outdoor and indoor seating for people purchasing lunch and refreshments and picnic area for those who bring their own lunch.

When people of Winchester search for a UK planetarium with the term “planetarium near me”, one of the planetarium, the search engine suggests is the Winchester Planetarium. The reason is that it offers a memorable and unforgettable experience. The 360 degree cinema screen surrounds the whole audience allowing everyone to take part in the action. Adults and children can all just relax in their seat and enjoy the ride through the vast solar system or feel the horror of being sucked by a black hole.

Two different formats of the show are offered at the planetarium. There are full dome films – digital, high-quality animations that are pre-recorded and played in front of the audience. Live shows are also available during which families tour through the space led by an experienced presenter.

Three different environments during the show are offered to ensure that each and everyone gets to enjoy the space exploration inside the planetarium. Chatterbox shows are the most popular as they offer a family-friendly and relaxed environment where people attending the show can ask questions, call out and talk to other people about everything they see. There are also quiet shows available for those who prefer a peaceful and quiet environment while watching the planetarium animations. Autism-friendly shows are designed to welcome the people with sensory sensitivities. Low-lighting left on, low sound and freedom of moving around is offered in autism-friendly shows.

In a nutshell, the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium is ideal for anyone who loves space and wants to journey through the vast universe without actually flying in a spaceship.