How To Raise A Teenager: Common Parenting Mistakes

Not long ago your child was a cute little person playing with your dog in the yard, eating too much candy and instantly watching cartoons. You have not even noticed the point when your offspring grew up and Netflix was no longer their favorite channel. It is high time to admit: your child is not a little kid anymore but a teenager.

Raising a teen can be quite a trouble for the majority of moms and dads because they have to deal with different issues unknown before. Now you need to put your parenting skills to a brand new level and become not only a strict or / and loving parent, but an understanding and a wise one.
There are some oft-repeated mistakes usually made by parents of a teen.

• Too much discipline. Or none.

Most of the bestselling books on parenting and nurturing express the ideas of either total control of what your teen is doing, or the near absence of any discipline. Both sides are wrong. In case parents feel, they have lost control over their kids’ behavior, excessive discipline is not the best choice. Instead, try to communicate and act through your family values.

Clear and fair instructions and rules will help you out in such a situation. You can have the same curfew you wanted but name it differently, so that your child does not feel stressed and depressed about it.

• Quality Time

It is extremely common among parents to think that since their kid is a teen with queer tastes and clothing, they do not have anything to share anymore.

The point is this is not true at all. Despite strange looks and tough behavior, this juvenile is still your child, and they really need some time spent with their family. Quality time includes picnics, family vacations, going to the cinemas and entertainment parks.

Doing homework together is also a good way to spend time with your child. You can help your offspring to get better marks at school by encouraging them to read more, enlarge their word-stock and cope with various tasks.

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• Small Things vs. Big Things

Many parents disapprove the way their teens wear, the music they listen to or the friends they spend time with. However, when it comes to a conversation with a child regarding such huge issues as sexual life, party drugs, violence or law, most of the parents get confused and do not know how to begin this talk.

Many books recommend moms and dads to be less critical about their kids’ haircuts, clothing and music, but pay more attention to what is truly important instead.

Do not be afraid to tell your feelings and worries about your teens growing up, show your concern about their safety and well-being.

• Murphy’s Law

It is not also good to expect everything that can go wrong to actually go wrong. Regarding nurturing children, one should not just rely on bestselling books and magazines on parenting. This means, if a book says that teenage period is tough and your child will necessarily change for worse, do not let this thought set deep in your mind. It can lead to a drastic consequence: many researches state that if a mother or father is afraid of their child involving into a risky behavior, this really happens through a short time span.

The most important truth is – many teens do want to spend quality time with their family. So do not let the challenging age spoil your relations.