4 Most Famous Shooting Games

Video games or PC games have been around for quite some time now. The gaming industry has become one of the biggest markets of the world and the way this industry is moving, we can only say that this trend will keep on being improved in coming years. Recently we have seen quite a few advancements in the gaming industry; one of the most significant advancement is the advent of online games. Users are not required to install huge games on their PC anymore, but they can play their favorite games through their web browser and internet easily now. Online games have opened a new horizon of gaming in the world of gamers; they can now play the games anywhere at any time.

Online gaming has allowed the players to play thousands of games in dozens of genres without paying a dime. Some of the most popular genres available in online games are Puzzle Games, Arcade Games, Sports Games, Adventure Games and Shooting Games. In this article, our focus is on shooting games, and we will discuss four of the most popular shooting games of recent times.

F E A R Combat: This game is free, and has become a crowd favorite in the past few years. If you have not played this game so far, you are definitely missing out big excitement. FEAR stands for First Encounter Assault Recon. This game has recently launched its multi-player version that users can play online which is applauded by gaming lovers all round the globe. The term “Fear” hints about what this game is all about, and what you should expect from this game. You have the option to play as a Cloned Soldier or as one Special Forces member.

Gunz the Duel: This extra-ordinary game that offers extensive graphics and effects to the users provides an ultimate experience. In this game, the player can use with both swords and guns to fight with the enemies. This game also has acrobatic features that make the whole game a lot entertaining and exciting to watch. Advanced and premium weapons are available for purchase as well that make the complete gaming experience a whole lot more worthwhile. This game is also free and available easily on internet.

Warsow: This game is liked by millions because of its fast speed and attractive acrobatic moves, which makes the users glued to the computer screen. Though the acrobatic moves take a little time to learn, but once you get used to of it, you can easily move within the game and take the maximum fun out of this game. This game also comes with a handful of tutorials to make the learning curve easier and simpler.

Nexuiz: This is yet another free yet very exciting shooting game available for shooting game lovers. This game is very fast paced and require the player to move fast to cope-up with the game. This game uses various unique weapons, in addition to basic guns that make the whole gaming experience much more fun.

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