Top 5 BlackBerry Fitness Apps

It often seems that, with the right apps, your humble smartphone can improve every area of your life! This is true for your health and fitness – there are a plethora of workout logs, calorie counters, and jogging trackers available for you. Here then are five of the best for your BlackBerry phone.

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CascaRun Sports Tracker (S$5.00)

Specifically built for BlackBerry 10 and packed with functionality, CascaRun Sports Tracker does more than enough to justify its relatively high price-tag. Its headline feature is the ability to track your runs via the GPS in your BlackBerry smartphone, giving you real time info on distance, time, lap count, and speed, with an optional live map through a variety of mapping programs. It can also sync with a number of heart rate monitors, give you a multitude of statistics and diagrams on your run, and has been designed to use as little of your phone’s resources as possible. In short, if you’re a jogging BlackBerry owner, then it’s a must-have.

BMI Calculator – Ideal Weight (Free)

The problems with BMI have been well documented and there’s no doubt that it’s not an ideal measure of one’s perfect weight. For most people, though, it does at least give a reasonable indication, and so a BMI app is handy for those wanting to watch their weight. For BlackBerry, BMI Calculator – Ideal Weight fits the bill. It’s simple and well-designed, and uses your height and weight to give an estimate of your BMI and the weight range you should be aiming for.

Calorie Master – Food Database for BlackBerry 10 (S$1.25)

Another great app for health-conscious smartphone owners is Calorie Master, an in-depth food database that covers practically everything you could ever eat and will not only give you calorie counts, but also info on 45 different nutrients, including carbohydrates, protein, all types of fats, sugars, fibre, and vitamins. The database is updated daily, and the app will even tell you how much exercise you need to do to burn off the calories you’ve put on. It’s therefore well worth its tiny price-tag.Body Buddy (Free)

The perfect companion to Calorie Master, Body Buddy is a great free app that allows you to track your daily food consumption and exercise regime, in order to give a true picture of whether you’re really putting the effort in to shift those pounds. The app also has its own food database (although it’s not as detailed or wide-ranging as Calorie Master’s), and can automatically download and track your Nike+ runs.

Runtastic Pushups PRO (S$1.25)

A perfect example of how technology can help get you fit, Runtastic Pushups PRO offers a tailored push-up regime that will gradually build up to 100 push-ups a day. It comes complete with a voice coach to encourage you to get down that one last time and three levels that let you choose how aggressively to ramp up your targets. The best bit though is that the app actually measures how many push-ups you do, either through the proximity sensor on your phone or by how many times your nose touches the screen on the way down.