3 Ways To Prevent Injuries Related Cricket

Cricket is a game of outdoor fun for people of all ages and gender can participate in. Playing the game is not limited to pitch in an oval field like sports can also be played on playgrounds or amusement parks. The benefits you get from playing the game has also been demonstrated by studies. You can contribute to the physical, mental and social health of people who participate in it. The muscles, strength, endurance, balance and coordination are those extremely developed through years of playing the game. With proper guidance and training, but can also promote discipline and a strong sense of friendship within the team. However, playing the sport is not all about the good times. There are also times when players get injured. Although these injuries are part of the game, they are not totally inevitable.

Heat, Stretch and Cooling

It is a common practice in sports limbering up, stretching and cooling activities. These have previously been tested preparatory actions to reduce the risk of injury. Warm -up, which is a low-level activity, raises the body temperature and the time to prepare the body for more strenuous physical challenges. This activity gets the heart pumping and increases the blood flow is distributed to the muscles. Stretching before playing cricket, on the other hand, is a proven to increase flexibility and the way energy levels. This also improves muscle coordination. To complete the set, no cool-down exercises after playing the game. This activity should last 5 to 10 minutes or even longer. Studies show that proper cricket training dictates that cooling should be done by the players, as it allows the gradual return of both the heart and respiratory rates. It also helps the body return to its pre – exercise temperature. This in turn ensures that the body has successfully transitioning a very stressful to a quiescent state activity.


Wear the proper cricket accessories. This is not a mere case of vanity. Actually, it is a sure way to prevent injury. The first thing to consider is the use of specially designed shoes to play cricket. With all his running and other activities that the game implies, it is best to use a shoe specifically designed to protect the feet and easy movement that comes with activity. Apart from this, make sure you have all the proper protective equipment. These units are designed for comfort and also to ensure that there should be restrictions on the movement. Choose a padded body well equipped, including shin guards, gloves, boxes and forearm guards. Guard with helmets when batting or fielding also are used.

Know the Game

There is no better way to protect yourself you really know the game. Train well and listen closely to the training given. More information on proper batting techniques, catching and bowling. Also, learn to use the equipment in the safest and most appropriate manner. It would not do if the players follow the rules correctly and practice how to play the game fairly.