Safety Tips For Playing Cricket

When cricket is played there many injuries a player can collect, such as fractures and bruises. The most common type of cricket injuries are injuries to fingers, elbows and lower the arm when batting. In bowling, players are prone to back and lower extremity injuries. Another common injury in cricket is fractures in the face if a player is directly hit by the ball.

When you are playing cricket, wear proper protection for your body is essential. Cricket balls are small, hard, fast and desperately hurt if it hits you right in the wrong place objects. Fortunately, cricket team do all kinds of cricket team security, and modern technology has been getting better and better every year.  Players can prevent many of these injuries if the correct equipment is used. Nobody wants to go to the cricket field and has to leave a nasty injury. By making sure that your body is adequately protected, you can dramatically reduce the risk of injury during play.

Here’s a list of what all cricketers should not miss! To make the game much safer for Batsmen, Bowlers and Fielders of the precautions you can take are:

– Always prepare well for a game.

– Warm up and stretch before a game. The warm-up should consist of 10 minutes of exercise.

 – Bowlers should also warm up before bowling. Restrict the number of over’s a bowler is completed in one session.

– A helmet with a face shield should be worn by players when kept wicket, or when batting.

– A helmet with a face shield should also be used when fielding in close.

– Check the cricket from danger, such as broken glass and remove if necessary.

– Make sure players drink enough fluids throughout the game.

– Make sure a hat, sunglasses and sunscreens are used in the right conditions.

– Always have a first aid kit on hand when a game is.

– Once the game is over warm down. Warm down should consist of about 5 minutes of exercise.

When playing cricket, if a player follows these precautions should be able to play the game in a safe and fun environment. Cricket is a fun and energetic sport and can be a fun game to play when each player takes the proper safety equipment. Follow these precautions when cricket is played can give players the confidence they need to play better without having to worry about fractures.