There are dozens upon dozens of online chat applications available free on the web, but none of them are quite as unique and as intuitive as Zohochat.com.
The Zoho Company used a rather simplistic, but creative approach to making a group chat program on the web. Its demographic is businessmen and their clients, but may also be found useful by anyone else. It features integration with various popular chat programs like Yahoo!, Skype and MSN; so you may login using an existing account of your chosen chat program.
Zohochat lets users do a surprising amount of things on its user interface alone. It provides the convenience of letting you view your e-mails on the Zohochat window, as well as assemble group chat session with your contacts across different existing chat accounts. Users may also create Calendars on the web application so schedules are kept in the application itself. It is a very useful feature, if you ask me. Conference chatting works rather well; all that you need to do is create a group of contacts based on your desired criteria and category. Then you will be able to chat with them with a conference chat window with the group chat feature. This is a great alternative to individually adding contacts for conference chat utility. Facebook has done this with their group features, however, but this web app would be a welcome change. The advantage of using Zohochat to regular Facebook group chat would be that Zohochat doesn’t unintentionally distract you from doing work and collaboration whereas you would easily get distracted by constant Facebook status updates and sudden chats from friends.
The Shoutbox feature lets you embed a shoutbox in your website or blog for easy collaboration and interaction between your contacts. It is a nifty feature if you wish to open collaboration with students in a class. Speaking of nifty features, Zohochat also enables you to share your desktop with a single person or on group chat. With the click of a button, everyone will be able to see what you are working on, and how it’s looking.
Zohochat is a free service (so far) that offers users a different kind of tool for collaboration and socialization. It is unique because it pools many of the useful features available on other chat applications into one package, and the e-mail viewing and composition feature can be found only in Zohochat. It is a good application to use; the only bad thing about it is that it might charge you for subscriptions when it goes out of the beta phase.