TrueCar: Car Buying Made Easy

Are tired of going through multiple listings while searching for a potential new car to buy, but can’t seem to get a make/model or price that you want? If you are, then you might appreciate the services provided by TrueCar, a comprehensive car listing website that is aimed to provide buyers with all the relevant details to make the best selection and price possible. The developers of TrueCar designed it with one objective in mind, to give car buyers the best possible value for money from any new car purchased. It is able to do this by giving buyers the tools to discover the actual costs dealers have incurred, the factory invoice price, and the sticker (MSRP) price, thus giving a lot more leverage in the negotiation process.
So what makes TrueCar any different from the majority of car listing websites out there? TrueCar t goes a long way to find out the true costs and prices involved in the car buying industry. TrueCar provides buyers with an extensive list of new cars for sale, compiled from car dealers, data aggregators, and dealer management system (DMS) providers, with the aim of providing unbiased and objective information. To perform a search on TrueCar, you don’t need to open an account, neither are there any charges involved.  The  first thing you should do in your search for a new car is to come with a list of criteria on the car your want, such as make, model, year of manufacture, options, etc. Once you have inputted your search criteria, the system will bring up a list of cars that are deemed to offer good value for money.
TrueCar analyses the guaranteed prices offered by local car dealers, and does a comparison of the average price by other buyers, and presents the lowest three prices it will find. To ensure you get a good deal, TrueCar only displays those prices that fall below the average price paid. To make the negotiation process easy for you, once you are done, TrueCar will produce a price protection certificate that summarizes the details of a potential sale, such as the car you configured, the price set, and the dealers contact information, which you should simply present to your dealer . But this certificate does not put you in a contractual agreement to buy the car from the dealer. True car is one of the best online resources car buyers can tap into, by equipping them with the relevant data to get a good deal.