Your Move: From Start To Finish

Are you ready to make your move? Not so fast! There are dozens of things to do, large and small, over the coming weeks or months. The process will move quickly and you cannot afford to go into this unprepared. Here’s how to make your move from start to finish.

  1. Set the date. Establish a date for your move and begin to work toward it. Once the date has been set, then you can put everything else into motion. Know your ending date too or the date you’ll be making your move.
  1. Get organized. You’ll need to get and stay organized as you make your move. A planner pad or app can help you stay on course, listing every deadline that is coming due.
  1. Contact a real estate agent. As soon as possible, meet with a real estate agent to discuss your move. If you feel comfortable that she can market your home, then sign the contract. Allow her to find buyers, show the home and negotiate the deal.
  1. Hire a moving company. Solicit estimates from several moving services companies. Once you have found one that is licensed, meets your needs and comes recommended, then sign that contract. If you have any questions or concerns, the moving company representative is there to help you.
  1. Pack your stuff. Get rid of your excess stuff, while packing whatever you plan to move with you. Acquire boxes from local businesses, including supermarkets, big box retailers, and department stores.
  1. Obtain your important records. Put out the word early on to your dentist, doctor, veterinarian and schools that you’ll need to transfer records. Typically, this means obtaining copies of such documents and taking them with you. Most offices require several weeks notice, so don’t delay.
  1. Notify the post office. About 30 days before you move, contact the post office to ensure your mail gets forwarded to your new address. Don’t delay here — you need to ensure that every document related to your present home is forwarded to your new home in a timely manner. Consider notifying your package delivery service company too, especially if you are regular customer of Amazon and other online outlets.
  1. Welcome help from friends and family. Moving can be tiring, tedious and just plain difficult. Doing it by yourself can seem overwhelming, but friends want to help. This means allowing people to step in, help you pack, watch your children, take in your pets or otherwise be helpful.
  1. Finalize your new home arrangement. Do you have a place to live yet? If not, you need to step up and finish this effort. If you can’t buy a home right away, then look at rental properties. Only sign a lease once you found something you like. Keep the lease short-term to allow you to buy a home as soon as possible.
  1. Make your move. You’re at the home stretch and can taste the completion. With time being of the essence, you have found energy that you didn’t know you had in reserve. At the same time, you’re mindful that you cannot take you eyes off the prize and that prize is completing your move. Once the movers arrive, load the truck and leave, you can breath a sigh of relief. But not too soon — there can be a few loose ends to tend to before then.

Moving On

With your household goods on the way to your new home, you’ll have a few days of transition before the movers arrive and are ready to unload. In the meantime, visit a favorite entertainment venue along the way such as Six Flags to enjoy a much-needed and relaxing break with your family.