5 Moving Tips Which Will Help Your Move Go Smoothly

Dealing with the stress of moving whilst maintaining your normal life can be exhausting, especially if you need to continue working, looking after children, pack the house and keep everything clean and tidy!  It can be very difficult to find the time to pack the house up; it should be done in a specific order which will make it easy to unpack and find things at your new home.

Completing all these tasks whilst keeping the important people in your life happy and chasing up the details of your move, or even worse, finalizing the final stages of your purchase is a thankless task.  Although the reward is your new home and this will make it all worthwhile!

In order to stay on top of all the tasks it is important to be very organized and enlist any help you can get.  This may be in the form of family and friends or it may be via a professional firm of movers.  There are usually several moving companies in any area and you will need to pick one with a good reputation and the right price.  It should also be local to either your home or the one you are moving to.   For example, if you were moving from New York to Salt Lake City you might find it more beneficial to use the service of a reputable company in Salt Lake City, such as Mighty Butlers Moving.  They will be cheaper than their New York competition and may offer valuable assistance when you first arrive.

The following tips will also help your move to go smoothly;

  1. Sandwich Bags

These small bags are perfect to keep handy when you are packing your belongings up.  They can be used to keep screws, nuts and bolts and even fastenings from furniture which has been taken apart.  They can also be used to stop small, easily lost items from going missing.

  1. Advance Packing

It is possible to pack nearly all your belongings before you actually move.  Even the kitchen can be limited to a couple of saucepans, one plate, mug and cutlery set each.  The more items which can be packed in advance the easier and less stressful the actual moving process will be.  This is also a good opportunity to sort out your belongings and get rid of items which are of no real use to you.

  1. Numbering Boxes

It can be very beneficial to number your boxes as well as labelling them with both the room and the items packed into the boxes.  This will ensure that your boxes end up in the right place and that you know how many you have and that none have gone missing en route.  It can also help when getting quotes for the removal costs.

  1. Important Items

The most important items that you will need when you first arrive at your new home should be kept separately.  Ideally these items should be stored in a clear plastic container so that you can not only see them but access them easily.

Important documents should be included in this container, such as you final utility readings and starting readings.

  1. Electrics

You will probably realise when you disconnect your computer, TV and cable hook-up that you have a lot of different cables and it will be time consuming and possibly very challenging to put all the cables back in the right slots.  To make life easier after you have moved it is best to take a picture of these connections; this will ensure  you can put them back together properly, without  wasting too much of your time.