What Makes Up Your Heating System?

You may have wondered about how central heating systems function. Understanding how your heating system works is the first step to saving energy and money on electric bills.

Primary Parts of a Central Heating System

A central heating system is made up of a primary heating appliance like the furnace. The furnace is typically situated in the garage or basement of your home. The furnace is then composed of the following components:

  1. Burners which burn the fuel and deliver it
  2. Heat exchangers
  3. A blower
  4. A flue which works as an exhaust for by-products that became gaseous

Depending on where you are residing, you have two options. You can choose a heating system that runs on either oil or gas as its fuel or you can pick a hybrid heating system, which is specifically designed to use both types of fuel.

How Heating System Works

Your heating system may look like a very complicated thing but it is easy to learn if you will take the time to understand it. Here are the basics of what you need to know regarding how it operates.

There are three components of a heating system, namely:

  1. Source of warm air (for example (a furnace),
  2. A pathway where air travels to be distributed to the area being heated, and;
  3. A control for regulating the system (for example, a thermostat ).

These three are the building blocks that make up a heating system. During the warm season, the heating system operates with the central air conditioning. When you turn on the furnace, it burns the oil, gas, or electricity that powers it. As it is consumed, heat is then produced and it travels subsequently to the rooms or areas that need heating through the pipes, wires, or ducts. After that, air is blown out of heating panels or radiators.

For older heating systems, heat is used to also warm up the water which in turns heats up the air inside the home. These old systems make use of a boiler so that water supply can be stored and heated then circulated as hot water through the help of the pipes fixed in the floors, ceiling, or walls.

Understanding your Heating System is Key

No matter what the season is, always observe proper care and maintenance for your heating system. It’s one of the most expensive things inside your home and one which you really spent money on. In order to see if function for a long time, arm yourself with proper knowledge about how it works, the daily troubleshooting when problems occur, and the tell-tale signs that tells you to seek the help of a professional technician already.

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