You Cannot Miss To Watch ARSENAL

Are you red? We all love the Arsenal team and how they approach the field in any diverse conditions. With a balanced team, the football fans are going to have a treat for their life. This season Arsenal has tough matches, but they will surely come up strong.

Arsenal team surely holds promise this season — the team has star players and is led by Arsen Wenger, who is quite adept capturing the essence of the team and bring the best out of the players. If you are rooting for Arsenal team then this is the best time to grab your tickets from here. The tickets will help you show loyalty and support your team on their home ground and as well as the away matches. The more the support, the more chances the team will perform better. Statistically arsenal supporters are the most in numbers and are proving to be the real backbone of the team. So, do not waste time watching the matches on TV, book a ticket now and create support your team from the ground.

Arsenal is not a young team and it was first established in 1886. This makes the team more than 129 years old and counting. The team is based on the popular town of London. They are also popular with the name of the Gunners, who are proudly known as Reds. The team has been the champions for 13 times in First Division football and a ground-breaking 11 times in FA Cups. The weakest point is their runner’s up position and they have grabbed the most competitive team ever to play the football, constantly winning the 2nd position in the premier league.

The owner of the team is Arsenal Holdings plc with chairman Sir Chips Keswick. The main ground of the Arsenal team is Holloway, London, which has the capacity of almost 60,338. So, if you are an Arsenal fan then do not miss the action of your team and buy a ticket for the Holloway, London. The best experience for any fan is in the field and the wave keeps you at your toes.

Do you know that Arsenal also holds the longest winning streak in the game of football. They also hold the longest unbeaten streak. The team value is in billions of pounds and according to Forbes the team arsenal value is £1.3 billion.

With a disappointing end to the 2014 season, ending in the top 4 of the premier league, we hope that they finish at least in the top 2 positions in the premier league. This is only possible if you support Arsenal and buy arsenal tickets and support them from the ground.

Arsenal is known for their diversity in colors. They are associated easily with RED and the team always wear Red shirts for the  home game. The red color was chosen to recognize the donation done to Nottingham Forest. For the away games, Arsenal uses the white color shirts with a mix of white and black.

Arsenal is the team to watch, there is no doubt that they will come strong in the upcoming season.