Eyeshadow Idaes Techniques

Eye shadow makeup isn’t too much complicated here is a quick review about eye shadow makeup and you try it by yourself like a pro!

The main idea for any eye shadow design is to blend it well and to shade it perfectly

So there is 3 main points

Highlight shallow areas with light colors.

In more prominent areas apply dark color which will recede.

Fill your brushes with alittle amount of colors it will help you to add more than to remove it.

Eyeshadow Idaes Techniques

When to Apply Eye shadow

You can do your eye cosmetics first and afterward apply foundation or concealer to the rest of your face This will permit you to evacuate any eye shadow Ideas  which may have chipped onto the territory underneath your eyes, maintaining a strategic distance from a great deal of dissatisfaction. Prep your eye territory with establishment and/or concealer and set with a tidying of powder.

Tip for Brushes

Look into the mirrors in order to find the correct places and try to find out the highest point of the eye brow this overall process is for placing the brush in a perfect area. And draw an imaginary line now set the brush correctly into the line and blend it in outward direction. Next is to move inward to brow bone edge. The inner corner should not blend all the way.

Two-Color Design

The objective of this fantastic, normal outline is to apply a lighter eye shadow ideas shading to the lid area and a deeper shading in the wrinkle marginally blending it upward.

Using a substantial eye shadow brush apply the lighter shading to the base of the lashes and blend as far as possible up to the brows.

Next, utilize a crease characterizing brush to apply the second shade in the shade, mixing up and out to the external corner of the eye along the edge of where the forehead bone starts.

Keeping the second shading in and simply marginally over the wrinkle will make a characteristic highlight under the temples’ curve while shading the external corner of the eye.

Three-Color Design

The three colors design can be built on the two color but in this you have to add another color to shade the exterior corner of the eye.

How to Design Three Colors

In the first step you have to follow the process of two color design. After that apply a third colors toward the true crease area with the help of defining brush. Then ensure the dark shade that it is on the eyelid or not. Applying a 3rd color make it sure to blend out and slightly up.

Four-Color Design

The most effective method to:

Follow the methods for the three-shading Eye Shadow Ideas outline depicted previously. Use the brush used for detailed work to apply the fourth color now apply the color over the black corner of the eye lid only with the help of small strokes.

Without sufficient practice and experiment achieving this look is difficult next is you have to use the 3rd color again to the crease for intensifying the effect.