Wrist Watches Are For More than Keeping Time

For most people, wearing a wrist watch is a simple necessity; they need to get to work on time, pick up the kids on time or simply keep their appointments. Wearing a watch enables these people to get to where they need to be when they need to be there.

For those that want to reduce their stress and enhance their well-being, wrist watches are just as useful, though rarely considered. A standard wrist watch can be used to help you breathe properly and some watches are even designed to help you reduce your stress levels themselves.

Enhance Your Calm
The Philip Stein Teslar Watch is designed to produce an electromagnetic field, pulsing against your wrist, seven to nine times every second. These pulses mimic the signals your brain sends throughout your body when you are in a state of calm. Reviews of the watch, by scientists and wearers alike, have reported a reduction in body aches, improved sleep and even an enhanced sense of well-being.
Relieve Your Stress
New wrist watch technology ensures that we will be able to reduce our stress simply by turning to our wrists in the very near future. The BioJoy wrist watch and the Stress Watch are just two of these technological advancements.
The BioJoy promises to monitor our stress levels and give wearers ideas for reducing their stress via a built-in speaker on the face of the watch. The watch will “learn” its wearer and provide more personal suggestions over time. The Stress Watch will keep time with a changing face: a background of reds indicates a too high-level of stress while blues indicate a proper level of relaxation.
Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress and unwind at the end of a long day. Without getting into the “Zen” of it all, meditation is nothing more than controlled breathing and a blank mind. Meditation takes quite a bit of practice for those that aren’t used to performing the task and, because of this; many people give up before they really learn how to meditate properly.
All one needs to meditate is a quiet area, a few pillows and a wrist watch. Beginners to the practice of meditation may find it easiest to sit on a pillow and place a pillow between their back and a wall. By resting your back on the pillow, it is easier for the beginner to maintain a proper posture.
Listen to the second hand tick on your wrist watch and begin counting your breaths. Breathing deeply through your nose for three seconds, holding for three seconds and exhaling for seven to ten seconds will help you relax. Once you’ve gotten the pattern of your breathing down pat, use your wrist watch to time your meditation session. Beginners should aim for a five minute session while experts can meditate for 45 minutes or more.
Wrist watches are fabulous accessories for those that need to unwind, meditate or reduce their amount of stress. Choose a watch made specifically to help you reduce your stress or a watch to help you meditate; no matter which you choose, you’re sure to find yourself more relaxed and at ease.
Author Tanya Peterson resides in NYC and is a content contributor for watchrepairny.com, a Manhattan provider of fine services such as Omega watch repair and engraving since 1978. Tanya’s grandfather was in the antique watch business and it’s been a fascination with her since childhood.