Why Choose Air-popped Popcorn When Watching Movies?

Air popper devices for making popcorn provide nearly no-hassle way of producing the favourite snack. Air-popped popcorn is clearly healthier and it would save energy. We could set the air popper on the counter, so we could bring it to drive-in theatres, concerts or simply to the living room. A common practice is to purchase popcorn in the theatre. Many theatres require people to purchase concessions in their premise. However, some may still allow people to bring their own snacks, so it is a good idea to make our own snacks.

In this situation, we should make our own popcorn at home, if we want to watch the movie with healthier snack. Eating something that we cook on our own can be a more fulfilling experience. As an example, we could make different recipes of pop corn for our purposes. As an example, we could make a mixture of melted butter, sea salt, marjoram and sage. It can be poured on the pop corn to deliver a more wonderful taste. It is also possible to make popcorn with Asian seasonings, such as a mix of sea salt, ground ginger and tamari mix. It should be wonderful when we eat the popcorn while watching martial arts movies.


For vegans, they can choose olive oil, sea salt and various herbs; instead of using butter. This will ensure that the popcorn stays healthy for our consumption. Air popper devices use heated air, instead of microwaves or hot oil. The device may have hard plastic cover and removable tray that could help to trap heat, causing the temperature to intensify inside the container. There are also some vents to prevent blow-out and damage to the device. It is clear that air popper should allow us to save some amount of energy. We need to use more energy when cooking the corn in stove or microwave.

Many of us normally use pre-packaged corns that can be cooked inside the microwave. It is true that the process will save energy and the overall taste can be better. However, health risks can be derived from the internal coating of the bag and substance used to produce the fake butter flavouring. With air popper device, we should still be able to add any kind of flavourings and oil we want. There won’t be risks associated with popcorn drying out or burning. In order to preserve the moisture, the kernel should be stored in the freezer before used. With air popper, it isn’t necessary to unfreeze kernels. We can pop frozen kernels into the device.

It is clear that using air popper to make popcorn is incredibly quick and easy. This should allow us to make various healthy desserts. Popcorn should be healthy companion when watching favourite TV show and movies. We should check local sellers to make sure that we can find the one that we trust. We could simply purchase separate kernels and this should be an ideal solution in many occasions.

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